Summer means getting some tan and going on beach trips. As much as we want to have some fun out in the sun, heat and salt water can damage our hair. I remember when I went to Palawan last year for 10 days, I came back to Manila with extremely damaged hair. Imagine being out in the sea swimming and snorkeling everyday for 10 days, my hair became really dry! The launch of the new Kerastase Elixir Ultime 24-Carat came just on time for this season!

Elixir Ultime is the star product of Kerastase. It is the must-have product for hairdressers and it is an icon of beauty and sensuality for many celebrities and women around the world. Here are the new products of Kerastase Elixir Ultime 24-Carat:


This daily cleansing formula, with its high concentration of precious oils, removes impurities and offers deep, gentle care, without weighing down the hair. Its delicate texture lathers instantly into a generous foam which leaves an enchanting perfume throughout the hair. The hair is deeply nourished. It is left incomparably light and radiant.



Applied weekly, this formula, a deep infusion of precious oils, offers normal hair an outstanding nourishing treatment. Its creamy texture and sensual fragrance leave the hair soft and subtly perfumed. Fully replenished, the hair is left deeply nourished.


As with 24 carat gold, the ingredients in Elixir Ultime are of the utmost purity. Inspired by the principles that define the precious nature of gold, Kérastase turns hair into a unique and delicate material.

An exclusive core formula of four highly concentrated precious oils:

Pracaxi oil: originating from Amazonian regions, it is known for its anti-oxidant benefits. It enhances hair shine and nourishment.

Argan oil: one of the rarest oils in the world, it is prized for its reparative and regenerative properties. It helps to keep the hair light and supple.

Maize oil: rich in vitamins A, E and Omega 6, it is extracted from Central American maize-germ. It nourishes the hair, offering shine, softness and protection.

Camellia oil: Native to Central and Eastern Asia, it is the most fragrant and luxurious of the oils. It gives magnificent shine and suppleness to the hair and helps to smooth the hair fibre.

Now that I expect to be out in the sun in the next weeks, plus I will be staying in an island for a week, my hair gotta need this!!! How about you? What are your summer haircare must-haves? 😀

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