Most of the time, I do. Summer maybe almost over but it doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to sunscreens as well. I recently discovered this relatively new sunscreen, Nivea Protect & Fresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50.


I actually first tried it when I went to Boracay thinking it’s for beach use only. Well, it feels great to spritz this while having fun under the sun. From the name itself, it really is a cooling mist. It refreshes me from scorching heat, while protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays.

When I got back in the city, I just thought of spraying this Nivea Protect & Fresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50 on my arms and legs. You know how the heat of the sun can be so painful to the skin- reason why I feel the need to put sunscreen everyday. But of course, we don’t want to smell like we’re going swimming (I’m pretty sure most of you know the signature sunblock scent). Also, we all hate the sticky and greasy feeling!!! I guess we all have the same concerns that’s why we tend to stick to our body lotions with SPF. I still feel the need to apply a separate sunscreen though. With the weird weather conditions we are experiencing due to global warming, we now need extra protection from the sun. Agree? Okay, call me “takot sa araw”, but I guess I am. LOL!


So how’s Nivea Protect & Fresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50 when used for everyday? Honestly, when I first sprayed it on my body, I thought it was such a bad decision. It felt a bit sticky at first. I was ready to take a shower again, until I noticed that the greasy feeling is gone. It was absorbed by my skin after a few minutes, as if I didn’t put anything at all. It also goes transparent so there’s no white cast. I just find the bottle too big to tote around so I make sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. I love its easy-to-apply aerosol though as it releases fine droplets in a continuous spray action, ensuring even coverage.


I recommend Nivea Protect & Fresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50 to those looking for a light, non-greasy, non-sticky, transparent and mild sunscreen for regular use.

Nivea Protect & Fresh Invisible Cooling Mist SPF 50 is priced at PHP 550 (approx. USD 13) and it’s available in leading drugstores and department stores.

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