I just remembered I wasn’t able to share photos from my 7-day Boracay trip. If you follow me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen some photos of the #laboracay chaos. Haha! I’m so sorry there are so many backlogs on my plate right now. In fact, I haven’t even posted photos of my Japan trip last March and I just learned I’m actually going back very, very soon!!! *happy feet* Anyway, let me just share some photos of this wrap cover-up dress, which has become my fave comfy beach wear. 😀

I thought of doing one post for all three dresses (yes, i have three to match my bikinis! lol!) because they just vary in color and length. Hehe! This saved me from thinking too much on what to wear. I actually realized it’s harder to pack for long beach trips compared to  some cold weather vacation. Okay, I’m weird like that! 😀


Yellow for the beach is definitely a YES!!! 😀 Don’t be fooled that I’m too conservative for the beach… The surprise comes at the back… LOL!


I think I mentioned in one of my posts, I’m in love with any backless top/ dress! It’s my thing.

Braided strap is such a cute detail, don’t you think? 😉





Now, here’s the shorter version of the wrap cover-up dress.


The details are the same except for the length and color.





Lastly, this is also the short version of the dress in different color. Hehe! See I told you, I was able to save a lot of time from my outfit planning on these 3 afternoons. I just got them in 3 different colors to match my bikinis underneath. LOL!




Wrap Cover-Up Dress: OONA (Instagram- @its_oona)
Sunnies: Burberry (Instagram- @luxuryeyewearph)

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