A few weeks ago, I visited Eye Society’s newest boutique in Jupiter, Makati City to check out the sunglasses for fall winter 2013 of different luxury brands. I like how Eye Society categorized the four key trends: #HighTea, #PrintedMatters, #BlackIsBack and #Geofuture. Choosing the perfect sunnies can be tough, especially when presented with a lot of choices. I personally think these categories can make a buyer’s decision a lot easier since the sunglasses are already grouped according to one’s personality/ fashion sense.


Which one speaks of your personality? Let me share with you some of my favorites for each key trend. Can I just say, I had a hard time trimming down my photos?! For those who know me, you know I’m such a big fan of sunglasses. Similar to bags and makeups, I can spend the entire day in a boutique of sunnies. Choosing one or two can be an extremely difficult task for me. Haha!

Sunglasses Fall Winter 2013 Collection: #Geofuture

Miu Miu Rasoir Sunglasses

What is high fashion? Miu Miu’s Razor Cut is a cat-eye sunnies with thick rims which disappear towards the bottom of the frame. It’s chic yet aggressive and elegant yet spunky. This comes in 5 colors.


Prada Poeme

Dare to wear something outrageous? 😉


Prada Minimal Baroque

A simpler take on Prada’s iconic eyewear


Recently, I posted an OOTD wearing my Prada Baroque. I haven’t had the chance to take a closer photo, but I promise to include it in my next OOTD. 😉

For the outfit details, check it out HERE.


I’m wearing the rounded baroque in my photo above. Now, here’s a newer version of the iconic Prada Baroque… I think I’m loving it!!! And I think I’m liking the square shape even more!!! Oh no!!!


Prada Linea Rossa

Are you sporty? Aside from its looks, the temples are made of aluminum glass fabric and technical rubber soul to ensure lightness and flexibility.




Designer James Van Vossel designed an integrated nose pad without adding anything to the frame. Theo eyewear is made of pure form without adding any weight.


Sunglasses Fall Winter 2013 Collection: #BlackIsBack


Versace Crystal Medusa


Giorgio Armani Timeless Elegance


Coach Love




Sunglasses Fall Winter 2013 Collection: #PrintedMatters


Dolce & Gabbana Stripes Collection

The stripes collection comes in this oversized frame and cat-eye frame. I love how this print can be an instant fun accessory!


Tory Burch

Tory Burch sunglasses for fall winter 2013 collection are “so Tory”. Haha! Tory Burch fans should know what I mean. The prints are so quirky. The wooden frame is just as cool too! I’m also digging their mirrored lens (which I forgot to take photo)!


Prada Swing

Notice the lovely geometrical abstract print inside…


Prada Parallel Universe


Dolce & Gabbana Lace Collection

This is one of my favorites! Take note, the lace isn’t printed on the frame! There is real lace inside! To prove, the edges of the frame aren’t so smooth since you can feel the texture of the lace inside it.


Oh dear, this shape is just so perfect for me! I want it!!! 😀


Sunglasses Fall Winter 2013 Collection: #HighTea


Bvlgari Heritage Collection

Inspired by an exquisite Bulgari neckpiece made in the 1950’s-27 teardrop-shaped emerald green stones surrounded by intricately cut diamond gilds- this collection is a classic range of elegant frames marked by a singular emerald gemstone circled with Austrian pave crystals.


Dolce & Gabbana Flowers Collection

This is definitely perfect for those who want that romantic vibe. Don’t worry about the handmade ceramic flowers as they are tightly screwed. 😀

Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick Collection

The temples resemble to a lipstick tube, thus the name of the collection. It also comes in various colors.


Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Baroque


Tiffany & Co

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the hinges?! Enamel insertions in L-O-V-E and T-&-C-O are emblazoned on the integrated hinges. Of course, lenses bearing warm, earthy colors add a daring touch.


Versace Vanitas

This pair has soft cat eyes and a delicate frame. On its temple is the Vanitas symbol.



So, which one of the four key trends is your personality? As for me, I honestly can’t have one in particular, but I’m more of the #HighTea and #PrintedMatters. 😀

Check out more sunglasses for Fall Winter 2013 of various eyewear brands in Eye Society Jupiter, Eye Society SM Aura, Adora, Vision Express, LS Pascual Optical, Almeda Optical, Unique Vision, Bperez Optical, Eyecrafts, and Sarabia Rockwell. Also, follow @LuxuryEyewearPH on Instagram and on Facebook to get instant updates.

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