Being a bag lover, I definitely treat my bags with utmost love. I worked hard for them, so I should take good care of them. I treat them as investments, or probably more of, as my babies.


Poppy surely knows how to make me happy! Poppy sent me these bag cushions, which my babies are in dire need. Haha!


It’s time to say goodbye to the smell of paper which I use to suff my bags. Don’t you just hate it when the inside of your bag smells like paper?! Poppy Bag Cushion also has moisture control, which is perfect for our humid weather.


I took before and after photos of my Hermes Herbag and Balenciaga Giant City. Check them out below.

Although most part of Hermes Herbag is not made of leather, I still want to keep it in shape when I store it. I used the small size of Poppy bag cushion for this.


After stuffing it with a small bag cushion, here’s what it looks like.


I really hate it when my bags get wrinkly. Why did I get a Balenciaga? I honestly don’t know. Haha! Balenciaga’s leather is naturally wrinkly. I know it’s known for its “rugged” texture, but I still want to keep the wrinkles and folds to a minimum.


See how it looks without stuffing inside? My heart breaks to see her like this. No joke. I’m serious with that!


Take a look at the sides! This is my problem when I store this bag. I can’t seem to avoid the folds, especially on its sides.


But look at her now with Poppy bag cushion in medium size…


No more droopy bag! It can now hold its shape even when I store it. Yahoo! šŸ˜€


Whenever I try to stuff this bag with paper, the sides are not as perfect as how this looks. There would still be folds and wrinkles in some parts. But with a bag cushion inside, it keeps the bag well-shaped no matter how I want to store it- upright or lying down.


Poppy bag cushions are available in different sizes and colors. They can also customize bag cushions for your handbag. You can follow them on Instagram (@thepoppyph) and on Facebook ( for more details.

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