When I first saw the MAC Masterclass Brush Collection online, I was very intrigued. Who wouldn’t? We are all used to makeup brushes that point towards the face. The design of the Masterclass Brush Collection really made me curious. I couldn’t wait to feel the bristles and try it out.  Finally, it has been out in MAC counters here in the Philippines and I heard that the moment these brushes hit the counter, they were selling like pancakes!


What is the inspiration behind MAC Masterclass Brush Collection?

After years of research, the Artist and Training Development thought of the origin of brush design- brush handle made of twig or bone and brush head comprised of feather, human or animal hair. These brushes were used (with primitive paint) to record events and stories. Eventually, the brush was directed toward the face to give early man and woman another outlet for creative expression. The Masterclass Brushes were created with these early brushes in mind.

What makes MAC Masterclass Brush Collection unique?

Aside from the obvious fact that it has futuristic design, its goal is to make self application effortless, fast and flawless. It has unusually dense and luxurious brush heads. It’s new synthetic fibers feel natural and deliver perfectly blended results of high-end bristles. The durable yet flexible metalized plastic composite handle has rubberized grip for comfort and greater ease.

How to use the MAC Masterclass Brush Collection?

The brush head and handle of the MAC Masterclass Brush Collection are meant to run parallel to the face, instead of having to point the brush towards the face. Masterclass Brushes are shaped to match the planes of the face, and the shape of the fiber bundles were made to adhere to the face’s various surfaces and contours.

These brushes work in gliding strokes of push or pull, not multiple dabs. Hold the handle between your thumb and fingers and place the brush at the beginning of the area of the face you are going to cover. Glide, pull or push if it feels more natural. Also notice that while you are using a Masterclass Brush, your hand is pointed away from the area you are trying to see. No more blocking the view, as with traditional brushes.

Remember these 3 things when using these brushes:

  • Place, pull glide, push glide, shimmy
  • Glide, don’t grind.
  • Sweep strokes, don’t poke

MAC Masterclass Brush Oval 6

(PHP 2,520)

Great for applying primer, foundation and powder products to the entire face. Try blush and bronzer for contouring the cheek bone area.


MAC Masterclass Brush Oval 3

(PHP 2,000)

Includes a corner shape that assists the user in shading and blending cream, or powder eye shadow to the eye. It is also useful for applying foundation and concealer to targeted areas of the face: under the eye, the inside corner of the eye or on the sides of nose.

MAC Masterclass Brush Linear 1

(PHP 1,560)

Has a short narrow row of fibres to help concentrate product application along the lash line. This brush applies a perfect thin line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used to fill in and define the brows, or to apply a defined line along the lip. The Linear 1 brush is very helpful for special effects makeup to create crisp lines and linear shapes.

Now, did I make you even more curious? I’m sure you wanna know how it feels to apply foundation, blush, and eye shadow with these brushes. But I tell you, the first time I laid my hand on these brushes, as I mentioned in my MAC Huggable Lipcolour Makeover post, I fell in love with the soft, lush and silky synthetic fibres.

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection is available in all MAC counters here in the Philippines.

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