Earlier this year, CHANEL launched the Blue Serum. It’s named as such not because the color of the serum is blue. In fact, it is colorless. The name came from where the essential ingredients originated, which is the Blue Zone. What is this? I’ll discuss more about it below. But yes, FINALLY, after using CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye for six months, I’m ready to give my full review here. What can they do? Who can use them? Are they worth buying? Read on…

CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye Product Descriptions

Blue zones are 4 regions of the world where people live better and longer: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan.

CHANEL Research has selected 3 essential natural ingredients from diets of the world’s blue zones and extracted their most potent molecules to bring them together in a serum.

Green coffee from Costa Rica, olive from Sardinia and lentisk gum from Greece (exclusively harvested in Chios – Protected Designation of Origin – traditionally consumed in Ikaria), with revitalising and antioxidant properties, are brought together in the new universal serum and serum eye by CHANEL.


Pros: CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye

  • Both come in a sleek pump bottle. Blue Serum and Blue Serum Eye have the same container, except for the size. They are sturdy—I’ve travelled with them to a lot of places and accidentally fell on the floor several times too but they’re still in one piece, no cracks.


  • Both have gel silky texture and are easily absorbed by the skin. They are lightweight.
  • I did not experience any allergic reactions or break outs.
  • Both have cooling/refreshing feeling once applied.
  • Both make the skin instantly hydrated—but probably not enough to be used alone especially if you have dry skin.
  • Skin looks more radiant and healthier after continuous use.
  • Makeup glides smoothly. It does not cause my foundation or concealer to cake or ball up.
  • Can be used for all skin types

Cons: CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye

  • Fragrance can be too strong, especially for those who are sensitive to scent.
  • Both can feel sticky at first, but disappears after a few minutes.
  • They contain dimethicone so those who are sensitive to silicone might want to take note of this.
  • Although Blue Serum Eye can hydrate and make the eye area look more youthful, I didn’t see visible difference with my dark circles.

Tips on CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye

  • Use Chanel Blue Serum after cleanser and toner.
  • Massage the serum right away as it dries up pretty quick. I use about 2 pumps for the entire face and neck.
  • For Chanel Blue Serum Eye, I just use one full pump for both eyes. Use your ring finger to spread the product around your eyes.
  • Once fully absorbed, layer with other serums or moisturizers, if necessary


CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye Verdict

Overall, I like both the CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye since they are lightweight and they are easily absorbed by the skin. Although they have dimethicone, the texture does not feel waxy at all. They do not ball up when I layer with other skin care products or makeup. Both can be an instant boost of hydration but not enough to be used alone, especially if you have dry skin.

I personally like using them alone (with sunblock on top, of course) for day use. At night, I use them as a boosting or pre-serum by layering other serums more targeted for specific skin concerns and a heavier moisturizer or eye cream on top.

CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye are like universal skin care products. The serum does not target a specific skin concern, but more of delivering various results when used continuously. Therefore, it is perfect for those who are not fond of layering or using different skin care products. Or if you’re new to the skin care game and you’re not using any serum, you might want to try a universal serum first like this since you might get overwhelmed with layering. In fact, CHANEL Blue Serum and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye are part of my go-to when I need to pack light since I can skip on my other skin care with these all-in-one products. But if you already have a skin care routine and you use various products to target different skin care concerns, you might not need a universal serum anymore– unless you’re like me who wants less layers during the day or who travels a lot and needs to pack light at times.

left: CHANEL Blue Serum; right: CHANEL Blue Serum Eye

See how the Serum Eye looks more thicker, but both don’t feel heavy when applied

CHANEL Blue Serum (30ml PHP 6,550) and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye (15ml PHP 4,350) are available in CHANEL counters.

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