Are you guilty of using your old loose t-shirts at home and when sleeping? I won’t deny, I do. Haha! After so many washes, the cloth has become thin and ultimately soft- the older, the better. Haha! Agree??? Well, comfortable and stylish sleepwear and loungewear are really hard to find. There are a lot of fashionable ones but the material isn’t just right. We want it light, soft, and smooth- just like our old school t-shirts. Haha! A few months ago, Naima sent me some sleepwear and loungewear. (NAIMA – pronounced as “Naa-iy-m-aa” is an Arabic girl’s name that connotes comfort, peace and tranquility.) When I opened the package, I immediately fell in love with the styles (which I’ll be sharing below). But honestly, it took me weeks before I started wearing them. From my experience, newly bought pajamas can be quite uncomfortable.


Well, I should have trusted what they’ve written! The material is really soft, making it very comfortable to wear. Even those with lace are not itchy at all! Haha! Naima advocates a comfortable night’s rest. It is very feminine, soft and relaxed – perfect for a tranquil sleep and a refreshed morning after.


Naima also believes in stylish comfort that is just right for the home or even a nearby mall. They have pajamas, rompers, and dresses ranging from PHP 349 to PHP 649.






Among the 5, which one is your favorite? For me, I love the romper… and the dresses… and the pajama! Sorry, I really couldn’t choose one since I love wearing them from day to night whenever I stay at home. Hehe! 😀

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