As mentioned in my last outfit post, OOTD: The Birkenstock Comeback, I’ll do a separate feature of the bag I was using. It’s the newest addition to my bag closet. It’s Modalu Mini Pippa Grab.


Modalu is a UK brand, which is probably not known to many. It became even more popular when Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, was seen using this bag. This started the Modalu craze. Pippa is a big fan of this high street brand that Modalu renamed the classic Bristol bag she loves using to Pippa. For a time, there was even a wait list just to get Modalu Pippa Grab.

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Although Modalu Pippa is now easily available online with free shipping within London, I wanted to get a feel of the bag while I was on vacation there. I wasn’t sure which size fits me. I went to John Lewis department store along Oxford Street and there I found various styles and colors of Modalu handbags (although not complete). At that time, they didn’t have the Mini Pippa Grab in Emerald so I had to order through John Lewis website and go back for it at the store. Well, of course, you have the option to have it delivered straight to your doorstep. I just preferred a pick up since I wasn’t in our apartment most of the time.

The Size

I settled for the mini since I have a number of regular and oversized bags back home. If I were to use it as an office handbag, I would personally recommend getting the regular size or medium size. The Mini is just perfect for casual, i-don’t-want-to-carry-anything days. In fact, it’s not really “mini” when compared to other brands with “mini bags”. Other mini bags could only carry a small wallet and a phone. The mini version of Pippa is actually a regular bag for some ladies. Actual dimensions: H22 x W27.5 x D13.5 cm


Modalu Pippa Grab comes in lizard, crocodile, and smooth leather. Not all colors come in all kinds of leather. Emarald only comes in lizard, which is perfect for my mini bag collection since I don’t own one yet. The gold hardware details also look good with green.



The logo is nicely secured with leather pieces on its sides. Be observant though as I’ve noticed some logos aren’t placed properly. Some are not straight, which definitely didn’t pass my very meticulous eyes.


Modalu Mini Pippa Grab has three separate compartments with zip closure each. It’s spacious enough to carry a long thick wallet, small tablet, phone and a few more essentials.


There are two front slip zip-fastened pockets, although you can barely put anything in them- probably just your parking ticket or a small piece of paper or items you are afraid to lose inside your bag.


There’s also a zip pocket at the back of the bag for small important stuff that you can easily slip, like money.


 The inside is fully lined in signature Modalu shell, jacquard fabric in ivory.


What made me really long for this bag? It has 12cm handle drop, making it perfect for a grab bag or on the crook of the arm, AND it has 54 – 57cm adjustable strap to wear on the shoulder or even as a body bag (if you’re petite).




It’s not as pricey as designer brands! Modalu Mini Pippa Grab is GBP 199, while the regular size of the Modalu Pippa Grab is at GBP 229.

Oh dear, now I’m wishing to have a Modalu Twiggy Crossbody!!! 😀

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