Our temperatures lately have gotten a little bit crazy. Sometimes, it feels like hot summer, then later within the day it gets a little bit cool after some rains. This became my inspiration for today’s #OOTD. Long skirt + top with 3/4 sleeves can sound too conservative, don’t you think? But, wait for it… wait for it…



How about a criss cross back cropped top? The 3/4 sleeves and fabric can look a bit warm, but but but… my back wants to say “hello”! Haha! 😀



Who said long skirts are too conservative? Go for chiffon with a mini skirt lining, plus long slit!


Weird temperatures? No problem! Go for clothes that’s perfect for hot or cold weather. LOL! But seriously, of course, you can’t go bare back when it gets really cool. During this season, it’s always best to bring a cover-up or cardigan with you if you’re wearing light clothes.



I wore a grey watch with purple accents, which perfectly matches my skirt and top.




This was a spontaneous out of town dinner. I’ve been getting the urge to go to wherever since I got my new camera and lenses. I’ll share more about it on a different post. Here, I was trying out the night shots. So far, so good! 😀


bouquet of lights


So, how do you like the outfit? How about you? What have you been wearing during this season? 😉 Comment away!


Top: Ripples by Jenny (instagram @ripplesbyjenny)
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: MMF (instagram @mmfpourfemmes)
Bag: Celine Micro Luggage Tote
Necklace: Anne Klein
Watch: Bench

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