Remember those mood rings when we were kids? Well, do they still exist up to now? Sorry, I’m not so sure and I guess that doesn’t matter anymore with my new discovery!!! I recently tried St. Nails Spa‘s newest gel polish and I tell yah, right after having it done, a lot of people noticed my nails. My polish transforms from purple to nude and back to purple – depending on the temperature! Yes, you read that right. I posted about the color changing polish of Ruby Wing as seen in my posts: Color Changing Nail Polish and NOTD: Blue or Purple. Ruby Wing’s color changing nail polish transforms in direct sunlight. My new discovery of gel polish changes its color based on temperature.

Unfortunately, St. Nails currently have few color choices. These are the colors when it’s cold.


Since it’s a bit cool inside the salon, there’s no chance the polishes would change color. We just decided to dip the swatches in warm water. Look at the drastic change in colors below! If you noticed, there are unevenness in their colors. This is because the moment we removed the swatches in warm water, the polish started to change color immediately. It detected the sudden drop of temperature. But these patches hasn’t happened to me yet since, in reality, the change of temperature is not that drastic. From outdoors to an air conditioned room, the color gradually changes. In fact, it looks like ombre, which is really pretty. So don’t worry, they won’t look like the patches below (if that would be a concern).


This mood color changing polish only comes in gel polish. I chose the middle shade. When I’m feeling hot, my purple polish changes to nude. When I’m holding a glass with ice or when the air condition gets too cold, my nude polish suddenly turns purple! It’s amazing! I attended one event and my blogger friends witnessed my polish changed from one color to another. They were so curious because they initially saw my nude nails. After a few minutes, they had to ask me because my polish turned purple. LOL!



Here are more photos of my polish. It was actually a good thing that I decided to go for gel polish. I’m off to an adventure starting tonight so I wouldn’t have to worry about my nails until I come back next week. 😀 Gel polish can last for 2 weeks without chipping. (To see where I’m going, follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@lush_angel) to get updates from me as I explore a new country! Oooh, I can’t wait!)

gel polish turns into nude when it’s warm


When my hands start to get cold, the nude polish gradually turns to a purple shade. I’m loving the ombre effect!


After a few seconds, my polish becomes purple! 😀


So, what do you think? Amazing right?! Let me know if you’
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