I’m not talking about the movie, Blue Crush. Well, how I wish I could ride some waves soon. I miss surfing already! 🙁 Anyway, I just had to use the title since I’m wearing different shades of blue in this outfit- blue skirt, blue bag, and blue eye liner. It wasn’t really my intention to be matchy-matchy. It just so happened I wasn’t in the mood to change my bag and I wanted to try my new blue liner. 😀


Don’t you just love maxi skirts? I do! I love the easy breezy feeling. It’s very comfortable to wear. My legs are able to breathe without showing too much skin. I don’t have to be too conscious when sitting down. Also, it gives an illusion of longer legs. It’s also easy to dress it up or down.


Since I was just going to the mall to do some errands, I paired the skirt with a casual cotton top and wore flats.







Hope you like this simple and casual look! How about you? How do you wear your maxi skirts? 🙂

Top: from Taiwan
Skirt: from Bangkok
Sandals: Tutum
Bag: Givenchy Nightingale medium
Watch: Marc Coblen
Bracelet and Earrings: Philippe Charriol

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