Summer is here and I’m quite sure a lot of you are planning or have booked a trip to Boracay. Thinking of what to do during your vacation to make it memorable? Of course, there are water activities like Jet Ski, Parasailing, Zorb, Paraw (sail boat), and the like, or the famous cliff diving at Ariel’s Point. But if you are looking for something unique to try, why not be a mermaid for a day? Okay, just for a few minutes actually. For the guys, don’t worry there’s also fish feeding, which is almost like scuba diving. Read more of my Boracay Mermaid Experience and details after the cut.


I never failed to mention in my previous Boracay posts how much I love the island. I often go to Boracay, but it was only during my last visit when I first saw Boracay Oceanarium at Crown Regency Resorts & Convention Center. It is a huge tunnel aquarium, which houses various fishes – including baby sharks. This is where they hold the fish feeding sessions and the mermaid lessons too.



Look at the baby sharks!!!


They also have the world’s largest pearl ever discovered, which they call The Pearl of the King. It weighs 9 kilograms and measures 18 inches in diameter. Amazing, huh?!


While walking through the tunnel, look who decided to make an appearance?!


We were all so amazed that we couldn’t stop snapping photos of the mermaids.



The staff of Crown Regency Resorts even showed tricks while underwater. Cool, huh? 😀


After being a spectator, off we went for the fish feeding session. When we were told about the activity, I thought it was just a normal “fish feeding” where we need to throw bread in the aquarium. I backed out last minute when we were asked to wear wetsuits. Apparently, it’s like helmet diving, which I also tried several years ago in Boracay. I’m afraid of fishes, especially when they all rush to me for food. It freaks me out! Also, for this activity, breathing is very important. Unlike helmet diving wherein you just breathe normally, this one is like diving except that somebody else will carry your oxygen tank. Of course, the staff will teach and guide you before and during the activity.


Blogger friends Ana, Tracy, Seph, and Trice tried it and based on their feedbacks, breathing was quite a challenge. It was fun and great experience though. If you’re wondering if the baby sharks went near too, they didn’t. They are afraid of the presence of humans, so you don’t have to worry. 😉



Right after the fish feeding, we also tried being a mermaid for a few minutes. Most girls have that mermaid dream and yes, I’m one of them. I’ve always wondered how it feels to have fins. Finally, my dream came true – even for a few minutes.


First of all, fitting on that tail was already a struggle. When it comes to swimming, of course you need to know how to hold your breath. Our fellow mermaids and mermen taught us the basics. As for swimming with the tail on, it’s really harder than it looks! Haha! We all couldn’t go too deep and of course, the sexy mermaid swim needs practice. 😉






Here I am and Alyssa struggling to do poses, while our friends were watching and taking photos of us.





with Tracy


Hi Christine!


cute poses of Ana and Pax


This mermaid experience is definitely one for the books! It was indeed a dream come true for me. Finally, I know how Ariel feels. 😀

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The mermaid lesson is PHP 1,000 per hour at the Crown Regency Resorts & Convention Center‘s Boracay Oceanarium.

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