Had a cry fest with your girlfriends last night? Or stayed up all night finishing something for work? Most of us have probably went through these and we all have the same problem the next day – puffy eyes! Some of you might have tried the trick of placing a cold spoon or cucumber on those puffy bags. And yes, it works! But Benefit made it easier for us by creating an iron for de-puffing! Don’t fret! It’s not a hot iron. For more details, read on my Benefit Puff Off Review below.


Benefit Puff Off Product Information

Iron on…puff off! Puffies & creases look “satiny smooth” with our innovative undereye gel. The custom “ironing” tip instantly helps smooth the look of undereye puffies & fine lines. Iron away for a smoother day!


I love Benefit Puff Off because…

  • it has a unique packaging. It has a custom metal tip that looks like an iron to help smoothen the look of undereye puffs.
  • it has a nice light scent.
  • it instantly smoothens and tightens the undereye skin.
  • both the metal tip and the gel give a cooling sensation, which helps in de-puffing.


  • the pinkish gel can brighten the undereye area.


  • it’s easily absorbed by the skin.
  • the silicone (part of its ingredients) allows makeup to glide smoothly.
  • it doesn’t cause my concealer to crease.
  • it moisturizes the undereye area. It may not be enough for very dry undereye area though.
  • it can be used under or on top of makeup.

I wish Benefit Puff Off…

  • doesn’t have the tendency to dispense too much product. Since it comes in a tube, I have to be really careful by lightly pressing the tube to dispense the right amount of product.
  • is cheaper. It’s priced at PHP 1,500 (about USD 33) for 10ml tube.

Tips on Benefit Puff Off

  • Lightly squeeze the tube and dot under each eye.
  • You can use the iron tip to spread the gel on your undereye area. The iron tip gives a cooling sensation which help remove or lessen puffiness.
  • I prefer applying Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel before makeup. If you’re applying it on top of your makeup, pat the product using your ring finger instead of the iron tip. This will prevent your makeup from moving.

Benefit Puff Off Verdict

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel indeed works like magic! You can see a noticeable difference right after application. It works like putting a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes, then placing it on your undereye area to drain the excess fluid. It can also brighten the undereye area. For those with dark undereyes though, you’ll still need to use a concealer or foundation on top. Remember, Benefit Puff Off targets puffy eyes more than dark circles, but it still helps. Improvement can also be seen when used continuously.

I recommend Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel to those who easily get puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, crying, and the like. It might not work if the puffiness is due to ageing or genes (if you are born with it).

texture feels like cream or lotion


Left undereye area facing you: with Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel;
Right undereye area facing you: without any product

Notice that the left undereye area is smoother and brighter compared to the right side.


Benefit Puff Off is now available in all Benefit boutiques.

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