I almost forgot about this outfit. This was shot in Baguio last January. Well, you can tell from my hair color. Haha! By the way, I’m back to black hair for some photo shoots this week. Let’s see how long this will last before it starts fading again. #BleachedHairProblems To understand this more, you can read my previous post about hair bleaching here –


Anyway, back to the outfit. I’ve had this top for quite some time now. I’m not so sure if it’s still available at Suiteblanco. But if it’s available in white, I’d definitely buy it. It has been one of my favorites ever since I got it. It’s loose and comfortable. Also, the fabric helps in dressing up a casual bottom.



Of course, Baguio photos won’t be complete without the nice vibrant flowers. I wish we can grow flowers like these in Manila. Just imagine the good vibes these could bring to the people living in the city.



Please do not mind my annoying face. These photos were taken early in the morning and I barely had enough sleep. If I remember it correctly, I was running on 4 hours sleep here – reason why I can’t get my hands off on my cup of coffee.






Top: Suiteblanco
Skirt: Zara
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga
Red hair by Hairshaft

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