Is bleaching the hair worth the damage? This is one question I always get when it comes to hair coloring. I’ve tried bleaching my hair quite a number of times since I was in high school. I never tried DIY though. I always make sure to have it done in a professional salon since it’s a tedious process. If it’s your first time and you’re still in the process of deciding to try it out, here are things to know before bleaching your hair. Is it worth it? Do I recommend it? Read on.


Why is there a need to bleach the hair?

First and foremost, why is there a need to bleach the hair? If you tried coloring your hair, you’ve probably experienced not achieving the exact color you wanted from the color chart. This especially happens when you have dark hair to begin with. Think of it as a black or dark brown canvas or paper. If you apply red paint on it, expect it to be dark red. Unlike if you paint it on white canvas, you get the exact shade of red. Same goes with the hair. Usually, when you have dark hair (whether it’s natural or dyed), there is a need to remove the dark pigment of the hair to achieve light hair color, like blonde or platinum, or if you want to get an exact shade. Even those bright colors like pink, blue, red require bleaching of dark hair to achieve a vibrant shade. This is the reason why when I decided to go for ash tone, my dark brown hair had to undergo bleaching. See the entire process in this post: Ash Matte Tone Hair Color.

This was my hair color prior to my ash tone. It was a bit dark with a bit of orange tones.


after bleaching


result: the exact ash tone I wanted


Also, prior to my super red hair color (as seen below), my hair was dark brown. To achieve this red shade, they had to remove the dark pigments of my hair. I also wrote about the Pros and Cons of Red Hair, which you can read in THIS LINK.


Things To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair

To make it easier, I’ll divide them into pros and cons.


  • You’ll get gorgeous hair color. The shade you’ll achieve is spot on from what you really want. Yes, you’ll feel absolutely beautiful!!! You know that feeling that you do not even have to wear makeup because your hair is so pretty?! 😀


  • Your hair will be dry – make that extremely dry and damaged. Coloring hair can be damaging as it is, so just imagine what happens to your hair’s texture when pigment is stripped off first.
  • Hair color will fade quickly. This is especially true if your hair has gone through several chemical processes in the past, like perming, straightening, or coloring. You’ll have a few weeks to enjoy your dream hair color. If you want to keep the shade, you’ll have to re-dye again. In some cases though, the color becomes even more gorgeous in time. This is what they call fully-developed color.
  • Whether you like it or not, it’s going to be high maintenance. Although you really have to treat your hair even if you haven’t tried any chemical process, hair treatment will be non-negotiable if you have bleached hair. I use a hair treatment at home every other day in replacement of my conditioner.

Do I recommend bleaching the hair?

Honestly, I wouldn’t advise hair bleaching especially if your hair has been through a lot. Your dry and damaged hair will even worsen. The only bright side of bleaching the hair is that you’ll get a perfect hair color. Although the gorgeous color can make you feel instantly beautiful, damaged hair doesn’t look pretty at all. To keep it looking healthy, it can cost you a lot of time and money while waiting for your hair to grow. If you really want a different look and a gorgeous hair color, I’d rather recommend getting highlights. In this way, not all of your hair will be bleached. But if hair color matters to you and you think you can invest time and money to maintain it, by all means, go for it! 😀 Of course, I can very well understand how beautiful hair can affect one’s feelings. I admit, achieving my dream hair color feels like I hit the jackpot! Just remember that hair bleaching or simple coloring can be drying and damaging. Do not put the blame on your hair salon or the brand used. Remember, any chemical process will dry the hair which is why after care is really IMPORTANT. Proper haircare is a must!



I hope I was able to help in your decision before having your hair bleached. I’ll share my tips on how I manage to change my hair color every now and then in a different post. 😉

Disclaimer: Everything written here is based on my personal experience. Some may or may not have the same experience in hair bleaching.

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