Summer is about to end, which means it’s time to get a new hair color before the new season starts. For weeks, I’ve been lusting over ash tone hair color. And if you’re following me on Instagram (@lush_angel) and Facebook (, you’ve probably seen that I finally had the courage to have it done. Of course, I only trust Hairshaft when it comes to such tedious and dangerous process of hair coloring. Well, you’ll see later on what I’m talking about.


Prior to getting a hair color, here I am with Miguel taking a selfie. He is the one responsible why I currently have that perfect ash matte tone I’ve been dreaming of. As you can see from my photo below, I already have black roots and my color has faded big time due to my beach trips.


I showed Miguel my peg. I told him I want an ash tone, but didn’t want it too light. I want to strip off the shiny rust/ orangey strands too and keep the color matte. Miguel explained how tricky ash tone can be. It’s one of the hardest hair color to achieve, aside from Platinum. If not done correctly, hair can be greenish or blueish. But I always give my 100% trust to Hairshaft. For the past 3 hair color changes, I had it done by Fred Penales at Hairshaft Podium. I’ve never been so happy and satisfied with my hair since I started going to Hairshaft again. Check out my hair transformations for the past 6 months.


Now, I’m trying out a new look. A color I’ve never done yet in the past.

First step was the toning down of my current hair color, a.k.a bleaching. This is probably the most tedious part- stripping off the hair’s pigment to achieve the ash tone I wanted.


I looked like this for about 4.5 to 5 hours. It took a while to lighten my hair. They had to keep on checking since my hair should lighten all at the same time. If one side is darker than the other, reapplication of the bleach must be done- a process done over and over again.


After sipping a glass of iced tea, a cup of coffee, and doing one blog post, here I am! I was a blondie for a few minutes. Haha! Hmmm… does it fit me? Haha! Anyway, I’ve never liked having my hair bleached. I’m scared of the damage. I’m scared of the maintenance. But then again, I know Hairshaft can do it. I know they can take good care of my hair. 😀


Miguel then gave me a trim to remove my dry ends.


After which, it’s hair color time! Look at the Hairshaft team taking good care of my hair. 😀 They applied the first tone on my roots first, then on the mid section, and lastly on my ends. After a few minutes, the second tone was applied also with the same sectioning- roots, mid, and tips.


After a few minutes, they rinsed my hair and applied conditioner. No shampoo was used. Finally, it was time to dry and style my hair! 😀


After 6 hours, Miguel and the Hairshaft team did it!!! They gave me a signature ash matte tone! Woohoo!! 😀


Ash tone would be a perfect color to those who are not so comfortable with blonde. I chose a deep shade of ash since it would still lighten after several washes. Not all are used to ash. Some find it greyish or powdery. For me, that’s the reason why I fell in love with the color. It adds character and dimension. Take note that they didn’t do any highlights this time, but the color has that lovely gradation.



Thank you again to Miguel for successfully achieving my peg! He did it perfectly! I was surprised to see myself in the mirror since the color is exactly the same as the photo I showed him. I never thought it could be achieved since my peg was caucasian. Woot! Hands down once again to Hairshaft! 😀 Thank you! 😀


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Full head hair color at Hairshaft is priced at PHP 1,590 (short), PHP 1,990 (medium), and PHP 2,490 + (long). Foil highlights at Hairshaft starts at PHP 1,650 (short, 1 color) to about PHP 3,840 + (long, 3 colors).

Hairshaft is at Podium, Fort, and Robinsons Ermita. If you want to book Miguel, you can reach him through 09173096554. For Fred Penales, you can reach him through 09176283906. You can call, text or Viber them to ask for estimates/prices. Follow them on Instagram (@HairshaftMiguel and @HairshaftFred) to see their works.

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