Just like what I said in my Ultralipo Review, it’s not that I really need a slimming treatment. I just got curious how Ultraslim Tight works and how different it is from the Ultralipo. During my Beauty Staycation at Sofitel Manila, this was one of the treatments I tried. The other is Resolift, which I’ll be reviewing next.

What is Ultraslim Tight?

It is a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of infrared technology, radio frequency and endermology to melt fat, even out skin tone and tighten skin.


Ultraslim Tight Procedure

A hand held device was positioned at the target area of the body- in my case, tummy and arms. I felt a little bit of heat and vacuum, but it was totally painless, unlike Ultralipo which I experienced a slight tingling sensation. Also, Ultralipo is not recommendable to those who are sensitive to sound. It uses sound waves that’s why one can hear a continuous sound while the hand held device touches the skin.

The Ultraslim Tight treatment lasted for about 30 mins. Since I targeted two areas, each was allotted 15 minutes.


Ultraslim Tight Price

Price may vary depending on the number of sessions needed. A consultation is a must.

Ultraslim Tight Results

My therapist measured my arms before and after the treatment and both arms got thinner by 1 cm. She said that the number could be higher for those with more fats. Ultraslim Tight is not recommendable for a one time treatment. Effects are seen gradually and the number of treatment sessions depends on the target areas.

There is no downtime after the treatment. But due to the vacuum, you can get a little bit of bruises on the target area if you’re the type who easily get bruised.

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