Last week, Benefit Cosmetics finally launched their “mystery mascara” at Skye Lounge. They call it the Roller Lash. What makes it different from other mascaras? Ummm… Hello?! Aren’t the mascara wands we are holding not unique enough?! LOL! 😀


Before I get into the deets of the Benefit Roller Lash, let me share what happened during the event. As always, it was fun, quirky, and girly. In short, it was very “Benefit”. I believe I mentioned before that Benefit holds one of the best beauty events. 😀


There were mini games like the fishing game and mini golf. Yes, this is how I play golf – in heels. Haha! 😀


Oooh, and look at these cutie pies in rollers… Awww!!! Aren’t they so adorable?!



A few minutes after, the program started. Donna Shaw, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Brand Manager, and Miakka Lim, trainer, introduced the newest curl in town – the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.




Do you know that a lot of girls can’t wear mascara? Why? Those with short lashes need hooks to catch every lash. Those with straight lashes need curved brush to curl lashes, while those with small eyes need a universal brush to fit all eye shapes. Well, all these problems solved with the Hook ‘n’ Roll (patent pending) brush of the Roller Lash- the mascara that hooks, lifts and curls.

The brand’s inspiration originated from hair curlers. We use curling iron or rollers to curl the hair, so they thought, what if there were rollers for the lashes? They went through a series of designs and innovations of the mascara brush until they hit the jackpot, which they called Hook ‘n’ Roll brush.

Of course, I had to try it out…


Here I am wearing the Roller Lash mascara…


It really lifts and curls – even without using an eyelash curler! Of course, it won’t be as curled as using an eyelash curler prior to mascara application but there is an obvious difference. The magical brush can grab even my tiniest lash. It also lasts the entire day. I’ll share my in-depth review of this Roller Lash mascara in a separate post.

Anyway, here are more photos during the event…


I missed this girl! It has been more than a month since we last saw each other. Yes, we are #clingy! 😀



with Liz and Nikki…


It was a reunion of beauty bloggers! 😀



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