Because Marsala is the color of the year, it’s time to go back to red hair! 😀


Well, it wasn’t really intentional. It just so happened that my sister (the girl on the right) and I wanted to be redheads. For those who know me, red has always been my favorite hair color. Ever since I was in college, I remember requesting Fred to give me at least red highlights. I try different colors from time to time, as you can see in my Are You Bored With Your Hair? post, but I always find myself going back to a red tone. Find out what are the pros and cons of red hair color below.


Red hair sure looks gorgeous. It can flatter and brighten the face, especially if you have fair skin. What I love about red tone too is that hair doesn’t look dry, unlike ash or blonde hair color. You can go for a subtle red tone, like brownish red or mahogany, or a more reddish shade, like my hair color.


Here’s how my hair color looks indoor with flash…


indoor without flash…


Here’s how my sister’s hair color looks indoor with flash…



indoor without flash…


If you’ve been visiting Jackie’s blog, you’ve probably seen her red hair for a while now. She initially wanted to go for ash, but the process would be quite long. Apparently, once you go for a red tone, it would be hard to go for a lighter color. They need to strip off all the red tones by bleaching the hair before they could deposit a new color. Since Jackie was in a hurry, Fred Penales of Hairshaft Salon Podium added highlights with tones of ash and red. This gave dimension to her hair.


So, before you choose your red tone, take into consideration your next hair color. Since my hair has been through a lot of chemical treatments for the past few months, I can only go for reds or dark browns for my next hair color sessions to avoid bleaching. Keep in mind too that red is the fastest hair color to fade. Also, for the first two weeks, you’ll see the red dye bleeding after every wash. Because of this, I have to use dark colored bath towels after shower and I have to make sure that my hair is completely dry before putting on my clothes.


Despite the cons of having red hair color, I’m ultimately happy with my red hair! 😀 As they say, first love never dies! LOL! 😀

Thank you to my Hairshaft family for such an awesome job! Even my sister was so impressed with her hair color. 😀


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Full head hair color at Hairshaft is priced at PHP 1,590 (short), PHP 1,990 (medium), and PHP 2,490 + (long). Foil highlights at Hairshaft starts at PHP 1,650 (short, 1 color) to about PHP 3,840 + (long, 3 colors).

Hairshaft is at Podium, Fort, and Robinsons Ermita. If you want to book Fred Penales, you can reach him through 09176283906. You can call, text or Viber him to get an estimate of your dream hair. He’s usually in Podium branch in the afternoon. Follow him on Instagram (@HairshaftFred) to see his works.

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