Bag sagging and wrinkles are my pet peeves when it comes to bags. Sometimes though it is inevitable, especially if the bag is made of soft leather. But I still believe you can prolong your bag’s shape with proper care. How to avoid bag sagging and wrinkles? Here’s my tip!


Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST) is probably the most delicate bag I own. Sagging and wrinkling of the sides are the known disadvantages of this bag. I’ve had this Chanel GST since 2010 and as you can see, there’s only little creasing on its sides. In fact, it’s not so noticeable. How did I do it? Well, this is how I store my bag inside the cabinet…


I place it in this position when I’m not using it. I also make sure not to put heavy things inside the bag. When storing it, I fill it with paper stuffing to keep my bag in shape. The problem with paper is it doesn’t work for all bags. Based on my experience with Chanel GST, I think the leather is quite heavy that the sides tend to wrinkle when not stuffed properly. Thankfully, Love My Bags sent me bag stuffers for my Chanel GST!

chanel-gst-stufferI find it very convenient that I don’t have to meticulously check if I stuffed the bag correctly.


Check out how it looks with the bag stuffers inside and compare it with the first photo, which doesn’t have any stuffings.


Take a look at the bottom sides as well. There’s very little creasing that I don’t mind storing my bag in this upright position.


how-to-keep-bag-structure The bag stuffers at Love My Bags are customizable. You can check out the list of stuffers available for almost 400 designer bags on their website (posting the link at the end of this post).

And of course, part of your bag care is to make sure your purse doesn’t get wet. No matter how expensive your bag is, leather exposed to water or any liquid isn’t good. Some bags even get water stains. But with our ever-changing weather, we can’t avoid getting caught in the middle of the rain. I know a lot of you try to cover the bag first before anything else. Well, don’t worry there’s no need to hide your bag inside your clothes. Look what Love My Bags sent me…


I really find this so genius! It’s a bag raincoat!


It’s also very hand since it comes with a pouch. You can easily slip this raincoat inside your bag so you’re always ready in case the rain pours! Yay!


Love My Bags also offer other items to properly care and prevent damage of your bags. They have base shaper to keep the base of the bag from sagging while you carry it around. They also have dehumidifiers to prevent mold and mildew that cause bad odor and handle wraps to keep your handles in good color and condition.


So, how do you care for your bags? Remember, prevention is better than restoration! Don’t let your investment put to waste. 😉

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