As promised, this is what I wore at Chocolate’s Online Site Launch.

Special thanks to Tracy for this photo! I super love it, my dear! 😀


I find the dress too simple, so I decided to wear a fringe blouse over it. I tried to use accessories that are not so overpowering. I used those that I have from Pinkbox. 🙂 I love the vintage and classic feel of the necklace. I think it blends well with the blouse and the color of the dress.

Big, big thanks to Tin for these detailed shots! I owe you girl! 😀



Here’s a group shot with the fashion bloggers taken from the event. Last two photos are from Sandro Paredes. Thank you! 😀


If you noticed, I don’t have any shots from my camera. I forgot to take outfit shots! My bad! Tracy, Tin and Sandro are my life saver! LOL! THANKS AGAIN! 😀


Dress: from my sister
Fringe Top: RAC Collection
Shoes: bought online
Bag: Chanel Medallion Tote
Watch: Timex
Cuff: Pinkbox
Necklace: Pinkbox