Using a bar soap to cleanse the face is definitely a bad idea. It’s harsh. It’s drying. But when I say, I tried using Dove Beauty Bar on my face, don’t fret! When I attended my very first Dove event back in 2011, I learned that Dove Beauty Bar is actually not considered a regular soap. It has 1/4 moisturizing cream, making it more gentle and non-drying. So if you’re wondering, yes it can be used as a facial cleanser.


If you’re following me on Instagram, I was challenged to wash my face using the Dove Beauty Bar for 7 days. Honestly, it can be frightening especially for someone with really oily skin. My skin can be a bit choosy when it comes to moisturizing products. I can breakout easily or oil up right way. But anyway, I tried to forget my fears and did the #Dove7DayTest.


I washed my face using Dove Beauty Bar every morning and at night for 7 days. And guess what?! To my surprise, my oily skin loved it! I expected to oil up quickly since it’s a moisturizing cleanser. I’m happy to report that my face didn’t turn into a frying pan in just a few minutes after washing (which happens in other moisturizing facial washes). When it comes to its cleansing power, Dove Beauty Bar did a great in removing dirt and excess oil, without leaving my skin feeling tight and dry. If you have make up on, it’s advisable to use a makeup remover prior to washing the face with Dove Beauty Bar. At the end of the 7 day test, I noticed my skin’s softer, smoother and glowing. I didn’t breakout at all. My skin is also very prone to cystic acne, especially when I use a moisturizing product on my face. Again, I find it amazing that I didn’t get any new cystic acne until the end of the 7 day test. The scent of Dove Beauty Bar can be a little bit too strong for others though. But since, I love the fresh powdery scent of the original Dove Beauty Bar, I didn’t find it harsh.


If you ask me if I’ll continue using Dove Beauty Bar on my face, I would say yes. I didn’t expect that Dove Beauty Bar would work on my oily skin. Wow, I finally found a very affordable face wash that’s easily available anywhere!

I’m also inviting everyone to show your #RealBeauty and do the #Dove7DayTest. Wash your face using the Dove Beauty Bar for 7 days and see the Dove difference. Take a selfie on the 7th day and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #Dove7DayTest hashtag. See for yourself what I’m talking about.

Dove Beauty Bar is available in all major retailers nationwide. For more information, visit, like Dove Philippines on Facebook and follow @DovePH on Twitter and Instagram.

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