Ever since I tried gel polish a few years back, I’ve always wished I could apply it on my own at home. I love how it can last for more than a week without chipping. It has been my go-to polish whenever I plan to go to the beach or when I have a special occasion to attend to. On the downside, it’s a little pricey. And what I hate the most is that it can’t be removed with a regular nail polish remover. I have to go to a nail salon just to have it removed – with an additional charge usually.


I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same sentiments. But who would have thought our prayers will be answered soon?! There’s now a gel polish in the market that we can easily apply on our own. And take note, this is not the kind of gel polish that needs the artificial UV light machine. I couldn’t believe it myself too until Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff was introduced in an intimate event.

Janina Gutierrez-Tan, owner of Girlstuff, saying her welcome remarks during the even and my dearest friend, Nikki Tiu, as host


I featured Girlstuff before as one of the Filipino nail polish brands that has superb quality. You can check it out in this post: http://lushangel.com/2014/12/30/new-year-ready-nails-girlstuff/

The Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff, made in France, has a revolutionary formula combining the benefits of polish and gel. It’s a 2-step system: Gel Color + Top Coat. When these two are used, and activated by sun, the combination forms a tough film over the nail. The system does not need any base because the color adheres to the nail.



Just like all Girlstuff polishes, they made sure Solique Gel Polish contains safe ingredients, mild, non-irritant and non-toxic, unlike regular gel polish.


As said earlier, the polish dries under natural light. There’s no need for the artificial UV light machine. Don’t worry, you won’t need Mr. Sun just for the gel polish to dry. Even the lights indoors emit UV light, so it basically dries on its own wherever you are. Over time, and especially under sunlight, nail polish becomes more durable and shinier. So, you can just take advantage of the sun when you’re out or when you’re inside the car.

As for the drying time, I’d say it’s a little slower than regular gel polish, but it’s definitely faster than regular nail polish. I have to give about 5-10 minutes for the Solique Gel Polish to dry completely on my nails.

I’ve had my Solique Gel Polish on my nails for 11 days now and there’s very minimal chipping. Good news is I can take it off anytime I want since it can be removed easily with any Nail Polish Remover! No need for soaking, unlike regular gel polish.


Oh, and it’s really affordable! Solique Gel Polish is PHP 180/bottle, while Solique Gel Topcoat is PHP 200/bottle.

Here is the complete range of Solique Gel Polish.

Top row L-R: Midnight Dreams (frosted midnight blue), Love Me Like You Do (light grey), Just A Fantasy (bright pink);

Bottom row L-R: Baby Blues (turquoise), Manila Girl (bright red), Hush (pinkish white)


I really hope they’ll come out with more shades soon, especially for the Holiday season. 😀


How to apply Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff:

  1. Make sure nails are clean and free of oil and lotion.
  2. Do not use a base coat.
  3. Apply a coat of your desired SOLIQUE Gel Polish Color. Allow to dry for a minute.
  4. Apply a second coating the same shade. Allow to dry for a minute.
  5. Apply 1 coat of SOLIQUE Top Coat.
  6. Cure polish under sunlight for about 2 minutes or allow to dry in natural room light.

Solique Gel Polish is available at: Girlstuff kiosks/carts in SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM San Lazaro, SM Megamall, Glorietta 2, Ayala Cebu. For more information, visit girlstufforever.com or follow them on Facebook (Girlstuff Forever) and on Instagram (girlstufforever).

Congratulations to my dearest friend, Nikki, for a successful event! Thanks too for introducing me to Girlstuff! 😀


Thanks too the wonderful sponsors during the event: Benefit Cosmetics for a free make-upper and brow waxing, TSG clothing for the eternity scarf, Nippon Esthetics for the makeup tools, and Keeping It Together (KIT).



By the way, I have yet to share all the events I went on this day. Solique Girlstuff was actually my 2nd event and mind you, I had to go to 4 commitments! 🙁 It was a crazy day, not to mention, the crazy traffic too! I realized driving a car that day wasn’t really a good idea. I had to go from north to south, to endure traffic, and to look for parking in all 4 events. Oh dear, I’m very thankful for UBER!


In case you don’t know, Smart is giving away two FREE Uber rides – worth PHP 300 each – to Metro Manila-based subscribers who are also first time-users of the Uber app. Uber passengers will also enjoy FREE in-car Smart WiFi – a first in Southeast Asia. So yes, I was able to catch up on my social media uploads in between events since I was a comfortable passenger sitting at the back of the car with free WiFi! If you haven’t tried UBER, I suggest do it now while Smart gives out promo code, which is valid until September 30 only. To register, you can check out www.smart.com.ph/uber.

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