How do you spend your “me time”? My “me time” is whenever I write a blog post, get my nails done, go to a spa, and of course, take a long hot shower. All these help me de-stress, relax, feel fresh and alive, and get a really good sleep after a long day.

dove-purely-pampering-launch Dove invites women to indulge in one of the most relaxing forms of “Me Time” – the shower – by creating the perfect treat so they can unwind and relax after a long day. Dove Philippines has just launched the Dove Purely Pampering range, a delicious new line of moisturizing body washes and bars.


I know… I know… We all love the original Dove Body Wash and Beauty Bar. These have been staples in my family’s bathrooms. Would you believe we even bring a bottle of Dove Body Wash when we travel?! It has been part of our “bath time ritual”. I guess I’ve always been a Dove girl (even before you saw my arm being pinched on screen). Hahaha!


Well, I’m sure you would love to do that pinch on yourself too if you try the new Dove Purely Pampering line since it also has Dove’s unique NutriumMoisture technology. What makes this range different is it has a blend of wholesome, skin-loving ingredients that moisturize skin with lovely scents.


For a deep and earthy aroma, there’s the rich and creamy Shea Butter + Warm Vanilla. On the other hand, there’s Coconut + Jasmine if you want to relax your senses with a touch of freshness.

During the launch, Dove Philippines presented Kelly Misa and Patty Laurel as the ambassadors of the new Dove Purely Pampering Range. Being new moms, they both find their “me time” in the shower. I guess all of us have probably heard stories or experienced first-hand how stressful it is to be a mom. It’s like a 24/7 “job” and most of the time, the only “me time” a mom can have is during her shower. And this is why Dove invites women to treat themselves with a pampering moisture and indulge in #DoveMeTime with the new Dove Purely Pampering Range.


So, how about you? How do you spend your “me time”?



We’re Dove girls and we love it! <3




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