When I went to Nepal, I had to travel really light. I could only bring 2 pairs of shoes with me – one for hiking and one for walking. I decided to bring my Native Shoes with me for 2 reasons: 1. It’s comfortable. 2. It’s easy to wash, in case it gets dirty. And yes, it was a good decision. Since then, I wear my Native Shoes whenever I expect a lot of walking and whenever I anticipate that my shoes would get dirty.


So imagine my excitement when I was told that Native Shoes will release a new collection, Geographica, this season. For Fall/Winter 2015, Native Shoes combines the classic footwear design with future technology and ultra light materials. Native Geographica stays true to the brand’s Future Classics philosophy with a jam-packed range of pieces that take inspiration from four popular international destinations – Morocco, Mexico, Tanzania, and Japan. Yup, a traveler like me would be even more excited! 😀




Native takes inspiration from Morocco’s classic Safi Mosaic art practice. The Verona comes equipped in a distinctively exotic mosaic print in muted hues, while a black, gray, and white 3D checkered print is seen on the Fitzsimmons and Miller silhouettes share cues with classic Moroccan tile work.


Those who are into pastels would definitely love this!


The brand takes cues from the Otomi culture of Mexico by incorporating unique and eye-catching prints into the kids’ styles – Jefferson, Jimmy Boot, Miller, Verona, and Venice.


Aren’t those colors and prints so pretty?!?!


London-based artist, Lynnie Zulu, lends her artistic capabilites to several styles in Native’s lineup. With an artist mother who was born in Tanzania, Zulu’s work carries a distinctive African influence.



Now, here’s my ultimate favorite. The Apollo series gets an update in the ancient Japanese embroidery process of Sashiko. Sashiko, which means “Little Stabs”, is an ancient Japanese embroidery art form that has been transported into the future in both the Apollo Moc and Apollo Chukka silhouettes. The new reinforced, no-sew upper makes the Embroidered Apollo Series seasonally appropriate for the cooler months ahead.




I honestly had a hard time choosing the color I wanted. Well, I ended up with black. 😛


Everyone’s invited to Native’s Do It Your Selfies gallery featuring the new Geographica collection. It’s at Glorietta 4 ground floor until October 4, 2015. Take a photo on any of the selfie walls, like the one below, and post it on your Instagram. Use the hashtags #DoItYourSelfies and #NativeGeographica and your photo will be printed at Res Toe Run store at Glorietta 4.


Native Geographica collection is available at Native Trinoma, Native Rob Ermita, Native SM Fairview, Native SM City Davao, Res|Toe|Run, Sneakpeek, ROX BHS, Bratpack, and at select SM Department Stores.

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