I would always make it a point to visit a place I’ve never been at least once a year. I also got this cute idea from my friend, Patty Laurel, to match my current age with the number of countries I’ve visited. So far so good since I’m on my 31st country at 30 years old. I really enjoy discovering new places, learning new culture, meeting new people, trying out different kinds of food, and of course, taking beautiful photos. Travelling is my passion and I would never ever get tired of it. This is why I never really understood why some people shy away from travelling.

Poster-like view of the Himalayas from the cockpit. Taken during my mountain flight in Nepal.nepal-mountain-flight

What are the possible reasons that could hinder someone from travelling? One is, of course, budget. Two is fear of the unfamiliar. Visiting new places can be stressful and scary to some. Three is time. Others would rather spend time working. The list could go on and on, which is understandable. Most reasons are actually valid, but there’s one I usually hear from the ladies – “I have my period.” Most ladies would schedule a trip on days when they are sure of not getting their period. Some even end up cancelling their trip just because their “monthly visitor” suddenly came. My advice? Don’t let your period stop you from travelling.

Colorful buildings in Warsaw, Poland

I also used to think that travelling while having my period can be quite hard. I’m more conscious, thinking I can get stains anytime. I realized though that nothing can ever stop me from travelling. But exploring different places several hours a day, with little washroom breaks mean I need to be protected 100%, especially from that “sudden gush”.

One good example of this is my Nepal trip. A week before the big earthquake happened, I was touring around this beautiful country. My friend and I planned to do a 4-day hike. Who goes to Nepal without hiking, anyway? Unfortunately, I got my period the day before our scheduled adventure. But there’s no way I would pass the chance to see the Himalayas. My period shouldn’t stop me in ticking something off my bucket list. I made sure I use a heavy flow pad, instead of just using a regular pad. It was a good decision as restrooms weren’t available anytime or anywhere during the hike. Using an All Night pad kept me protected, even during my heavy flow days. I felt comfortable and confident, without worrying about leaks or stains.

My tip whenever you’re travelling is never ever forget to bring heavy flow pads, like Modess All Night pads, whether you are scheduled to get your monthly visitor or not. It’s better to be ready since the last thing you want to worry about while on a tour is period stain. Remember, knowing that you’re protected because you’re using the right pad will allow you to enjoy your travel even more.

Edinburgh Castle

Avila, Spain
Have a safe trip, girls! As for me, I’m about to plan on my next adventure!

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