I was recently gifted with this new premium whitening product, Thiocell. I honestly haven’t heard of it before and I’m pretty sure most of you, like me, are afraid to try anything that has something to do with oral intake. I can be adventurous in trying out products that can be applied on the face and body, but when it involves taking in some medication, I always do my research first. Let me share with you what I learned about Thiocell Glutathione and my experience.

Thiocell is by Brady Pharma Inc. Headquartered at Manila, Philippines, it has acquired distribution rights of Australian, Indian, American, and French principals with interests in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeticeuticals, Medical devices, and consumer products. The company focuses on providing high quality, suitably priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated customer service. The company now caters to more than 3,000 doctors specialising in Dermatology & Opthalmology in the country. Brady Pharma partnered with Dr. Hersh, a brilliant US Doctor in developing Thiocell, the latest breakthrough in Glutathaione.


Thiocell promises to be the most effective in whitening and anti-aging product in the market to-date because of its unique combination of selenium, glutathione, and vitamin C. This unique combination replenishes the glutathione levels in the body and maintains it. But aside from its whitening and anti-aging benefits, Thiocell is also said to be beneficial for diabetic patients with fatty liver. Thiocell does not contain alcohol or animal products, and contains no added sugar, starch, wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavor.

Unlike other glutathione in capsules, Thiocell is in chewable lozenges, which ensures that the glutathione is absorbed through the oral cavity instead of in the stomach, thereby ensuring faster and maximum absorption. You only need to take one lozenge a day, which is perfect as I hate tablets that need to be taken in several times a day (some glutathione capsules require 3-5 times a day). You know, I am very forgetful. I always end up drinking the first or second tablet only. The lozenge has grape flavor, which you can immediately smell when you open the bottle. I love grapes, but there’s this after taste I’m not liking. Instead of just letting the lozenge dissolve in my mouth, I chew it and drink some juice or water right after. It’s not extremely bad, because if it is, I wouldn’t be able to take it in every single day. In fact, just one gulp of water, the taste is gone.

I’ve only tried it for a few weeks, plus I’m naturally fair already, so it’s quite hard to review if it really is effective in terms of whitening and anti-aging. I take it religiously though as it acts as my source of vitamin C and this is what I love about it. It’s a health supplement, at the same time, if it does have beauty benefits, then that would definitely be a plus for me! 😀

Thiocell Glutathione (30 chewable tablets per bottle) PHP 2,400

To know more about Thiocell Glutathione and Brady Pharma Inc. visit their websites, http://thiocellusa.com/thiocell.html and http://bradypharmainc.com. You can also like them on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brady-Pharma/.

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