It’s June! And you know what that means? It’s the “wedding month”. Naaah… it’s not my wedding guys! Calm down… Haha! I mean it’s the most popular wedding month (for some reason). Well, some say it’s an old belief that it’s lucky to walk down the aisle during this month. Whether it’s true or not, I have a number of weddings lined up for the weeks to come. I’m so excited for all my friends who are tying the knot soon, but this also means I have to prepare for my own look!

Here’s a photo of my #GirlSquad glamming it up during my friend’s wedding. Do I hear someone say, #SquadGoals? 😉

So today, I’ve decided to share some of my own beauty tips for the brides-to-be and her girlfriends in preparation for the BIG day.

  • Sleep early. Eye bags should not make an appearance, therefore hit the bed early and get enough sleep even days before the wedding to make sure you look fresh.


  • Schedule a manicure and pedicure. If you’re the bride, expect close up photos of your ring. If you’re the bride’s girlfriend, well, it’s just proper to keep those nails and hands primed and pretty, especially because it’s your girlfriend’s big day!


  • Get smooth, glowing skin – both face and body. Go for a body scrub or a microdermabrasion treatment (You can also use a diamond peel device that can be used at home. I recently discovered one, so watch out for my review here on my blog soon!) If you have acne that needs to be treated, go to a dermatologist 6 to 12 months before the wedding. Remember, treatments like these can take a while to see results.


  • Be hair-free! You don’t want any unwanted hair to say hello in photos. Get a wax or a laser treatment.


  • Whiten teeth. Of course, it’s a festive occasion – you’ll be smiling a lot and videos and cameras will be all over the place. I recently tried Colgate Optic White Plus Shine, which you might want to check out. It can give you whiter and shinier teeth after 1 week* so you can flash your shining bright smile to everyone. (Note: *When used as directed and for extrinsic stains only. Also, individual results may vary.)


  • Keep a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy and exercise regularly.


  • Get into the brow game. Have your brows shaped by a professional months before the big day – to at least give you time to experiment on the brow shape that suits you and where or who will do the shaping a month before the occasion. You can go for waxing or threading – whichever is more comfortable for you.


  • Keep it classic when it comes to hair and makeup choices. I always opt for a fresh, natural makeup look when I attend weddings. For the brides, the natural, glowing skin looks best, in my opinion. As for the hairstyle, do whatever fits your face shape.


These are just few beauty tips to remember before you walk down the aisle or before you attend your bestfriend’s wedding. And if anything goes wrong on the big day, remember to just enjoy! There’s no time to frown. It’s a special day and it’s the nice memories that count.

But of course, before the BIG day, it has been a tradition by almost everyone to hold a bridal shower/bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. And who’s in-charge? Her army of girlfriends!


To get ideas on how to prepare one, watch Solenn Heusaff’s surprise bridal shower thrown by her Colgate Optic White family.

Surprise Video link :
Bride & Breakfast link :

Not just that! Get the chance to make your bride-to-be friend smile bright like Solenn! Give her the sweetest bridal surprise with the help of Colgate Optic White! How?

1. Just UPLOAD A PHOTO of your bride-to-be friend on Instagram or Facebook and complete the statement:

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2. Don’t forget to use #ShiningBridalShower on your post.


So to the girl squads, you know what to do! Join now!

For more information on #ShiningBridalShower, visit Colgate website (, their Facebook page (Colgate Philippines), or their Instagram page (@colgateph).

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