The words “matte rescue” are music to the ears of those with oily skin – and that includes me. I’m always in search of products to “rescue” my shiny face. Although I’ve been a user of Benefit POREfessional Primer, I’m still on the lookout for an everyday mattifying product (since POREfessional Primer is made of silicone).

Could this be the everyday primer you and I are looking for? Read on my Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue Review below.


Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue Product Information


Matte rescue instantly minimizes pore appearance. The lightweight, water-based gel overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Contains diamond powder known for its soft-focus pore-blurring effect.

I love Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue because…

  • it’s lightweight.
  • it’s water-based gel formula – great for oily skin!
  • there’s a cooling effect upon application.
  • smells really good. This can be a downside to those who are sensitive to fragrance.
  • sets quickly to a matte finish. Shine instantly disappears!
  • it holds make-up pretty well the entire day.
  • it’s a good makeup base for oily skin.
  • didn’t cause me skin irritations or breakouts.
  • a little goes a long way.
  • my pores can breathe – doesn’t feel clogged.

I wish Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue

  • can control shine for several hours. I still need to blot after about 3 hours.
  • can blur out the pores.
  • doesn’t have alcohol. It’s not one of the main ingredients though, so I’m not really bothered.

Tips on Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue

  • Apply matte rescue all over your freshly cleansed face to instantly absorb oil.
  • To blur out pores, apply POREfessional Primer on top.
  • It can be used alone or before makeup.

Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue Verdict


Yes, it instantly mattifies the skin once the product sets, but it doesn’t eliminate my need to blot. This doesn’t mean though that it doesn’t work. I noticed that it keeps oil at bay much longer – about 3 hours. Take note that without a primer, my face becomes shiny in just an hour (or less) after I apply my foundation. It also holds my makeup the entire day.

I recommend Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue to those who have oily skin and want an alternative from a silicone primer to control oil and to hold makeup. A separate primer must be used to blur out huge pores. Although Benefit POREfessional Primer can blur out pores, mattify and hold makeup as well, not all are comfortable using silicone. I, personally, use Benefit POREfessional Primer for special occasions and for days I really need a heavy duty primer. For an everyday base, I’ll go for Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue.


Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue is priced at PHP 1,600 for 50ml and it’s available in all Benefit counters in the Philippines.

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