I haven’t tried any Korean nail polish remover until recently, which is this TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover. How is it different from other polish removers available in drugstores? Here is my Tonynail Enamel Remover Review.


TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover Product Information

Quickly removes even the most stubborn nail color as it strengthens the nails.

I love TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover because…

  • it smells good!!! It smells acetone at first but it changes to a sweet floral scent after a few seconds!
  • it does not dry out my cuticles, nails, and skin.
  • of its packaging. It comes in a push-down-turn cap to make sure you close the bottle nice and tight. It also has small opening to prevent the liquid from evaporating fast.


  • it can remove regular polish easily.
  • a cotton pad with the right amount of Tonynail Enamel Remover can clean at least 3-4 nails – which makes it inexpensive!
  • easily available in all Tonymoly boutiques.
  • my nails do not get that “white film”, unlike other drying nail polish removers.
  • it’s affordable at PHP 128 for 150ml!

I wish TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover…

  • is available in a smaller size. It’s only available in one size.

Tips on TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover

  • Dispense an appropriate amount on cotton pad.
  • For glittered polish or polishes that are quite hard to remove, leave the soaked cotton pad on top of your nails for a few seconds before gently rubbing it and removing the polish completely.
  • Don’t forget to close the cap after use to prevent the polish remover from evaporating.

TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover Verdict

Although it has that acetone scent at first, it changes to a sweet scent a few seconds after application. It’s a gentle nail polish remover – doesn’t dry my nails and cuticles! It can look a little more expensive at first glance compared to other polish removers available in drugstores, but a soaked cotton pad can actually clean 3-4 nails! As for its claim that it can strengthen the nails, I can’t vouch for it though as I don’t really have brittle nails.