Recently, Bobbi Brown launched two must-have collections: City Collection and Retouching Collection.

Bobbi Brown City Collection

Happy 25th anniversary, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!!! In celebration of the brand’s anniversary, they are introducing the limited edition City Collection. Inspired by three of Bobbi’s favorite cities – New York, London and Paris – the collection features a trio of exclusive eye and cheek palettes as well as limited-edition shades of the iconic Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Luxe Lip Color. (More details below)


“From the cool New Yorker to the fashionable Brit to the chi Parisian, the palettes and hand-picked shades inside perfectly capture what I love about each city,” says Bobbi. To bring her inspiration to life, Bobbi teamed up with acclaimed fashion illustrator Richard Haines (@Richard_Haines) to adorn each palette with sketches evocative of each city.


Bobbi Brown City Collection: Limited-Edition City Palettes

(PHP 3,500)

Each palette features four eye shadows ranging from light to dark and a blush inspired by the spirit of each city. From subtle nudes for the modern New Yorker to a striking navy shimmer for a fashion-forward Brit to chic greys and pinks for a timeless Parisian, these palettes offer a range of cosmopolitan looks.


All eye shadow palettes are perfect for both day and night looks. My personal favorite is the London Palette because of the nude shimmer. Although I’m loving the nudes of the New York Palette too and the greys of the Paris Palette. Okay, I can’t decide! Haha! Each palette has its own personality and all three are very useable.

Bobbi Brown City Collection: Limited-Edition Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

(PHP 1,500)

Long-wearing, water-resistant and easy to apply, Bobbi’s award-winning gel liner complements each palette and evokes the spirit of her favorite cities. Each Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner features a limited edition gold cap with debossed crest.

Shades: Dark Chocolate Ink (New York), Union Jack (London), Gunmental Ink (Paris)

Bobbi Brown City Collection: Luxe Lip Color

(PHP 1,700)

With names and shades inspired by the timeless style of the women in each city, Bobbi’s treatment-infused Luxe Lip Color is the perfect finishing touch.

Shades: Bobbi (New York), Your Majesty (London), Parisian Red (Paris)

Obviously, for someone who loves nude lippies, I’m for Bobbi!!!


Overall, if you’re into neutrals, New York City Collection is definitely for you. If you’re a little experimental or fashion-forward, go for the London City Collection. If you prefer the classic parisian look with the greys and pinks and the red lippie, you’d love the Paris City Collection.

Bobbi Brown Retouching Collection

This is probably what we’ve all been waiting for! And guess what, it’s not just a retouching powder. It’s a “collection”!!! The products are very innovative and I feel it’s a must-have especially with our humid weather. Let’s zoom in to the details, shall we?


Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder

Of course, they still have their color-correcting powder. This loose powder is housed in a small case, which you can easily slip in your purse.


Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil

(PHP 1,700)

Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil is the ultimate on-the-go skin-perfecting tool. When to use it? Retouching shadows, covering redness, retouching dark spots and highlighting! It comes in 8 shades. This creamy-matte long-wearing formula can be used on bare skin or layer it over foundation for added coverage whenever, wherever you need. To use, apply a thin, even layer directly from pencil and blend with clean fingertips.


  • Retouch shadows: Choose a pencil 1-2 shades lighter than skin tone. Apply on recessed parts of the face like the inner corners of the eyes, around the nose, and corners of mouth.
  • Cover redness: Choose a pencil that matches skin tone. Apply before or after foundation, wherever redness is seen. Can also be used to touch up skin throughout the day.
  • Retouch dark spots: Start with a pencil 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Next, layer a pencil that matches skin tone.
  • Highlight: Apply the illuminate pencil on top of the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, and on the brow bone.


The swatch below is the Illuminate, which is your highlighter on-the-go!


Here’s how it looks when blended…


Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

(PHP 2,750)

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics introduces the Retouching Wand – a new kind of skin-perfecting coverage. This unique cover-p and foundation hybrid erases imperfections, neutralizes redness and evens out skin for a retouched yet natural finish. Featuring patented pigment technology, the weightless liquid formula seamlessly blends into the skin for undetectable, no-makeup coverage. Plus, the clickable pen with sponge tip applicator dispenses the perfect amount-whether for touch ups or applying all over the face.



Look how it blends seamlessly on the skin…


For the Retouching Collection, each product has its own use. To remove shine, I use the Retouching Powder. To spot correct blemishes and to highlight, I like to use the Retouching Face Pencil. On sensitive and drier areas like under the eyes and corners of the nose, the Retouching Wand works best for me. Note that I prefer using all these products to “retouch”, which means I already have makeup on. I initially thought the Face Pencil and Wand could work like a regular concealer, but personally I feel it falls a bit short on coverage. That is why it’s called “Retouching”!

with Asia Pacific Artistry Manager Felix Nguyen who flew in here in the Philippines for the launch of the two collections..


Bobbi Brown City Collection and Retouching Collection are available in all Bobbi Brown boutiques.

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