It’s time for my rose gold hair color v2.0!!! Haha!


Well, if you remember, before my birthday last year, I tried out the rose gold hair trend. You can see more photos of my hair in this link:

It took me 4 months to update my hair color. I like how the color faded that I didn’t feel the need to go back to the salon soon. Don’t we just love that, girls?! Every time I color my hair, I always worry how it would look when it fades. I don’t have the time to keep going back to the salon to tone my hair or retouch my roots, not to mention, it can be costly too! This is why it is very important to look for a good colorist! I used to think that having colored hair (especially light tones) can be very high maintenance because of the frequent visits to the salon to retouch the roots or re-color the hair. Apparently, it’s not a need! I stopped going to the salon every two weeks or every month since Fred Penales of Hairshaft Podium touched my hair. As long as the color fades nicely and the dark roots blend well with the rest of the hair color, your next visit to the salon could be after 4 to 6 months! Here are some tips if you plan to color your hair:

  • Choose a very good colorist.
  • Hair color can be a bit pricey in good salons, but keep in mind the maintenance as well. If you have to go back to the salon often because the color becomes brassy or your hair re-growth is too obvious, you might end up paying more in the long run. Therefore, weigh your options. Sometimes, it’s better to go for a one time, big time payment because you also save time and you get gorgeous locks for 4-6 months!
  • Go for balayage, ombre, or highlights instead of full-head (one shade of hair color). I noticed that hair re-growth blends well if hair has different tones.
  • For maintenance, salons suggest to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent color from fading fast. In my case though, I don’t feel the need to use sulfate-free haircare since the color fades nicely. Plus, I concentrate my shampoo on the roots rather than lathering it on my entire locks.


Anyway, going back to my Rose Gold Hair Color v2.0… Haha! To welcome 2017, I wanted something new. I thought, why not go all out with rose gold? Previously, I just went for the tips a.k.a. ombre style. Although I wanted to go all-out rose gold, I try to avoid full-head hair color. As I said earlier, full-head hair color can be more high maintenance because re-growth can easily be seen. So my next options: highlights and balayage!

To get the exact color I want, Fred applied gentle lightening cream on my hair. My hair was divided into different sections with various “processing” times to achieve different tones.


After 5 hours, it’s my dream rose gold hair color! It’s exactly what I wanted!!! It has lighter ends for that added drama.



After exactly one week, hair color is still the same!


A month has passed and my hair is now lighter. The rose gold shade faded a bit but I love how it looks!!! A couple of ladies have randomly asked me of my exact hair color. Hehe! Hmm… I think I’ll be sticking to this shade for quite a while. 😉

How about you? What do you think? 😀


Hair color by Fred Penales of Hairshaft Podium. For appointments, you can contact him through 09176283906.

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