Who would have thought that rose gold can also be a hair color?! It has been a trend for a while now and I must admit, it is as flattering as rose gold jewelries and accessories! I have been meaning to try it, but I had to rest my hair for a couple of months. Now that my birthday is coming up, I thought it would be a perfect time to sport a new do. Why not try rose gold hair color?!


So, this is the photo I posted on my Instagram (@lush_angel) that caused a bit of chaos. Kidding! But yeah, a lot of people have been asking about this rose gold hair color, which was done by Hairshaft Salon in Podium. Let me just go through the semi-tedious process that let to my rose gold hair color.

First, they lightened my hair a bit to achieve the hair color I wanted.

The foils were heavy! Haha!


A few minutes later, my hair was rinsed and toner was applied on the mid-section and on the ends.


My hair was rinsed again and they worked on my roots.


And… TA-DA! Done! Well, it’s not as simple as it looks since the entire process took us around 5.5 hours. Of course, I had to do hair treatment right after, which is very important after hair coloring, and a Brazilian Blowout. Well, it was worth it because this is exactly the hair color I wanted (more details of my hair color below!) Thanks to the master, Fred Penales!


Alyssa got a new hair color too! The ash blonde tone fits her skin tone perfectly, don’t you think? 😉



See what I mean?! Haha! Love yah, girl!


Now, here are the details of my rose gold hair color. The look varies depending on the lighting, of course.

Here it is with harsh lighting/ flash photography. It doesn’t look the same in person!



Now, the photos below were taken inside the mall.


I requested for rose gold hair color at the ends of my hair and I have to say, the rose gold shade is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of ever since. Now, I wanted a subtle transition, which is why Fred colored my hair in three sections – roots, mid, and ends. I like how the different shades blended well and gave that 3-D effect.



What do you think? Ready to try rose gold on your hair?

Thank you again, Fred of Hairshaft Salon for a job well done!


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