When it comes to footwear, I usually get that “love at first sight”experience. Although comfort is very important, as I would always say, I never liked sacrificing style. Bottomline: As long as it’s comfortable and stylish, I go for it! I do not really consider the science of the footwear I buy and I’m quite sure most of you do not either. But do you know that poorly designed shoes can cause our feet to lose their natural alignment, which causes other problems in our bodies, such as heel, knee and back pains? Vionic, a fashion-forward footwear brand, aspires to change this by infusing science and style in each of its footwear.



Vionic recently launched here in the Philippines and during the event, I learned that the weight that we bear against flat, hard and unnatural surfaces almost daily can cause our feet to lose their natural alignment, which results to body pains. This is especially true for people who are overweight or women who are pregnant.


Vionic aims to reduce the damage to our feet caused by this misalignment. With the help of Dr. Philip Vasyli, who had more than 30 years of podiatric ptractice, Vionic developed built-in orthotics in its footwear that help maintain the natural alignment of our feet while standing and walking. By achieving this natural alignment, Vionic helps our feet move more naturally against flat, hard surfaces, which in turn help alleviate heel discomfort.

The science in each Vionic footear consists of various features that include deep heel cups that enhance stability; firm yet flexible midsoles that help the feet bend more naturally; and arch supports that cradle and hug our feet as though they are gently pressing on soil or sand with each step.

After learning all these information, I immediately called my mom who has been suffering from heel pain for almost a month now. She’s been buying shoes with very soft footbed to lessen her discomfort, which is our usual reaction when suffering from heel pain. It’s good to know that there are shoes available for her. It may not sound serious, but those who have such problems are having a hard time – some cannot even walk!


When I visited Vionic’s recently opened store at Uptown Bonifacio, I was surprised at the numerous styles available – sandals, wedge, flats, boots, and even sneakers! They have almost everything – and in various colors too. And many of these have been accepted by the American Podiatric Association, which certifies products that are beneficial for foot health. In fact, in the Philippines, Vionic is also growing in popularity among foot healthcare professionals.


They even have insole support so you can still use your current pairs of shoes. And they also have stylish footwear for men!


I chose to try Vionic’s rubber shoes for walking and training.



I’m more comfortable using this pair for my weight training days – not really for running. It took me a while to get used to it (about 2 days of wearing) because of its arch. Take note, my feet naturally have low arch. Eventually, my feet adjusted and the shoes became comfortable!


Here are more photos:






Cap: Adidas
Top: Under Armour
Leggings: H&M
Watch: Veloci
Shoes: Vionic

For more information on Vionic, visit their website at www.vionicshoes.com.ph, like them on Facebook at Vionic Philippines, and follow them on Instagram @vionicshoesph.

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