MAKE UP FOR EVER has been known for their HD line ever since they launched it. And to stay in line with the latest 4K-technology, in which the smallest details are magnified, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s innovations in HD product development have now taken the ULTRA HD franchise one step further, to address very specific and essential cinema needs: skin perfection and finishing.


There are 3 steps in the ULTRA HD routine to create a look of perfection. Together with the new MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD products, I was introduced to these 3 steps.

Step 1: PREP



(PHP 2,250)

“Even with the best foundation products, the results are never as optimal if you fail to prep your skin. The healthier the skin looks, the better it looks on screen” – Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER completes the ULTRA HD routine with another pro secret that boosts and revives tired skin on sets. The MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Skin Booster is a hydra-plumping serum that works to boost skin radiance and luminosity. It moisturizes, plumps, and smoothes skin.


The makeup artist tried it on my clean, bare face and it’s actually very light! The serum was easily absorbed by my skin since it’s water-based. She also explained to me that when using ULTRA HD Skin Booster, it’s not recommended to use a silicone-based primer since it won’t sit well on the skin. Rule of thumb when it comes to makeup, do not mix or layer water-based and silicone-based makeups.



(PHP 1,150)

I tell you, dry chapped lips are very obvious in photos and videos! This has always been my problem! The ULTRA HD Lip Booster plumps and moisturizes the lips. It also adds a soft luminous finish.


It comes in clear and tinted “Cinema” shade. I tried on the tinted lip booster. It’s a natural lip color, which you can actually wear alone. I also noticed how it softened my lip lines.


Step 2: UNIFY

Now, it’s time to work on the complexion and even out the skin tone. There’s the ULTRA HD Foundation, ULTRA HD Stick Foundation, and ULTRA HD Concealer.


The makeup artist first applied a thin layer of ULTRA HD Foundation all over my face. Then, she used the ULTRA HD Concealer on my dark circles.


Check out the difference of my left and right under eye area! I don’t even have to say which one has concealer. Haha! The difference is super obvious! And take note, she only applied 3 dots! Ahhh… I was instantly in love!!!


The ULTRA HD Stick Foundation now has various shades. This is a great alternative if you prefer a cream over liquid foundation. This can also be used as highlighter and contour.


Step 3: FINISH

MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Micro Finishing Powder

(PHP 2,250)

As a last step, set everything with MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Micro Finishing Powder, which comes in loose powder and pressed powder (perfect for traveling or when on the go).


Although all powders are translucent, the pressed powder comes in 3 shades, so that all skin types can be invisibly flawless. The makeup artist taught me an important trick on how to apply MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD Micro Finishing Powder. Just do the dot and dust technique. First, drop the brush vertically on the sifter or the pressed powder and turn the airy brush three times. This motion helps the powder enter and cling into the fibers of the brush. Then, place 4 dots starting from the forehead, chin and both cheeks, without adding more product. Close your eyes and use your brush to dust your face from the forehead downwards, from left to right.


To add color to my face, the makeup artist dabbed a small amount of MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush on the apples of my cheeks and Pro Light Fusion (highlighter) to add dimension to my face.


So, here I am… curious how the MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD products would look on me – AND in front of the camera…


Trying out the makeup in front of the camera


And the result… no filter, no edit, just MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD!


As you can see, it looks like real skin – as if there’s no makeup!

Have you tried any of the ULTRA HD line? Let me know!

MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD is now available in all MAKE UP FOR EVER counters.

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