Fashion trends come and go, but whenever a specific trend or piece makes a comeback, there is always an element of surprise that comes with it. There could be an added detail, a different cut/style, a unique twist – and that’s the beauty about fashion. It goes round in circles, but it comes back #LikeNeverBefore.


Just take for example this skirt that I’m wearing here. I remember my mom used to wear a long denim skirt when I was a kid. I asked her if she still has it because I know how she can be a little clingy with her favorite clothes. Haha! Well, I was right! She still has it! I updated it a bit by shortening the hemline. I decided to just cut it on my own and let it look a little distressed. Hooray, I saved thousands of Pesos since it looks exactly like the skirt I was supposed to buy in Zara! I didn’t know I have D.I.Y. skills. HA!


The heat here in Manila is just too much to handle these days so I normally go for lazy dressing. In fact, I try to avoid denims since they’re quite heavy and hot for this weather. But since it’s a skirt and there’s a little air circulation going on (haha!), I don’t mind! I just paired it with an airy white top and printed purse for an interesting detail.




Since we’re talking about things ‘#LikeNeverBefore’, I remember my previous post about Growing Up In A Digital World. It took me several days to write that post as I reminisced how technology greatly affected my whole life! If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so – especially if you were born in the ‘80s. I had so much fun writing that article. In fact, I still crack up whenever I go through it. It was a trip down memory lane.


And look where we are now. We share things online INSTANTLY – like never before. I can easily share my fashion and beauty finds in my social media channels. I’m always able to share moments and experiences instantly with the people I love and with YOU even when I can’t be physically present.


With today’s fast paced life and ever growing responsibilities, we tend to forget that sometimes, the most important thing is to be there. And if we really can’t be there physically, we can be there in spirit by liking, commenting, video calling, or sharing to let the important people in our lives know we are there for them. And all these are now possible with Smart’s improved network – faster connections and wider coverage in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO, etc. We’re now together #LikeNeverBefore. And if you still haven’t seen Smart’s latest TVC, watch this VERY TOUCHING video here (don’t forget to grab some tissue!!!):


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Top: Mango
Skirt: vintage
Sandals: @Aereshoes
Bag: Steve Madden

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