“A girl can never have enough lipsticks.” Right? Even if you already found a favorite (or favorites), the search never ends. You just keep on trying until you find a new must-have. Sound familiar? If so, let me get your attention here. Cathy Doll released liquid matte lipsticks! Here is my Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip review with swatches.


Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip Product Information

The soft and long-lasting texture offers high-adherence, non-drying and non-staining benefits as well as elegant matte look. This popular item looks classic on all and certainly matches all skin colors. Enhance charm to your lips with all the 9 colors available for you to choose.


I love Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip because…

  • it comes in various shades. My favorites are the nudes.
  • it is housed in a transparent tube-like lipstick. I can easily see the shade without the need to look at the name of the tube.


  • it has a nice applicator. It grabs the right amount of product for the entire lips and it can neatly apply the liquid lipstick even on the edges of the lips.


  • it is long wearing. It is transfer proof and smudge proof.
  • it is pigmented. I get the true shade in one layer.
  • it is only Php 399.

I wish Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip

  • does not accentuate lip lines and is not drying.

Tips on Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip

  • Prep lips. Exfoliate and moisturize with lip balm for a few minutes.
  • Pat dry lips with a facial tissue before applying Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip to make it long lasting.
  • Use the 2 flat sides of the applicator on each lip. For a more precise application, use the edges.
  • When lips start to feel dry and powdery, apply lip balm on top.

Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip Verdict

The first few times I tried Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip, I did not like it that much. I could compare it to Kylie’s Liquid Matte Lip (read full review HERE) that’s also drying and not long lasting. Yet I still find myself reaching for the tubes because I find the nude shades really flattering. Eventually, I learned that the lip product slides easily because of the lip balm I use prior to application. I was trying to compensate the dry feeling by using a lip balm. A more effective way to lessen the dry feeling is by applying lip moisturizer on top of Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip. But of course if you want the matte finish, you should use it alone.

I recommend Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Matte Lip to those looking for an affordable, long-wearing liquid lipstick and does not mind the dryness.

My personal favorites are Rose Embroidery and Moss Rose. I usually go for peach shades for that fresh look. But for some reason, Rose Bloom does not fit my skin tone. I think they would suit darker skin tones though. For a modern look or night out, True Brown and Burgundy Red are good choices.

from L-R: True Brown, Nude Brown, Rose Embroidery, Rose Bloom, Burgundy Red, Moss Rose


wearing Rose Embroidery


wearing Nude Brown


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