Fragrances have always been part of my beauty arsenal. While some like to have a signature scent, I choose my perfume based on my mood for the day. This is why I have a collection of fragrances — and it all started back when I was in grade school. Yes, that’s how much I love perfumes!


Recently, I was introduced to Soleil et Lune, a homegrown Filipino brand offering luxury scents at affordable price. “Soleil et Lune”, French for Sun and Moon, believes beauty goes beyond one’s wardrobe and accessories. A woman can feel beautiful, confident and alluring, through the power of scent.

Crafted with the finest oils and essences from Grasse, France, Soleil et Lune has launched six unique fragrances that embody women’s unique personalities and moods. Envisioned to be worn in our tropical climate from morning until night.


The packaging itself looks luxurious as Soleil et Lune put a Parisian vibe to each box and bottle. If you own several scents from the brand though, it can get a little confusing as all the bottles look the same. You have to check the name of the scent at the bottom of the bottle.


Kristine Dee and Elizabeth Supetran, founders of Soleil et Lune, worked directly with one of France’s top perfumers and came up with these six signature concoctions that capture different personalities. Check out the description of each scent below:



Exhibits fresh citrus with a hint of musk, for the life-savvy woman whose strength emanates from the inside. Herbaceous bay leaves, vibrant grapefruit, and subtle floral accords with moist and sharp blackberries in the opening. The intoxicating drydown is filled with the smokiness of vetiver and the distinctive warmth of cedarwood.


Bursts of fruity essence for the woman who uplifts like the sunshine wherever she goes. The opening is fresh with crisp, dewy green notes, blackcurrants and petit grain. This is followed by a lusciously ripe heart of succulent nectarines and acacia honey, all resting on a warm base of vetiver, peach and plums.


Gives out the scent of spring blooms, for the classic woman who is always ready to greet the day with confidence. She has a tenderness tinged with a voluptuous sensuality. The fragrance opens with a juicy burst of red apples, followed by a blushing bouquet of pink peony, jasmine and carnation, and delicate rose. The drydown is filled with the smooth, gentle softness of suede.


A delightful concoction that opens with bright mandarin and juicy pear notes. Elegant rose and transparent jasmine are combined with tropical solar notes in the heart, creating an indulgent effect; while sweet peach and dry amber notes linger in the hypnotic drydown.


A celebratory recipe that blends sparkling bergamot and mandarin with soothing marine tonalities in the head notes. Velvety rose petals and warm spices complement the earthy rawness of fig leaves in the heart. The drydown is both sultry and balmy with vetyver, dry amber and musk.


Inspired by the coastal resorts that line the Mediterranean Sea, this scent opens with the summery liveliness of bergamot, mandarin and crisp green leaves. A potpourri of florals: rose, honeysuckle and jasmine create a nostalgic provocativeness in the heart which leads to the beautifully relaxed drydown of orange blossoms and creamy solar notes.


I tried all six and they indeed captured #EverydayLuxury in all the scents. They can be worn everyday from day to night. They are not too light or too intense. I had a hard time choosing my favorite but I think I’ll go with Dominique — a light floral and fruity scent.

#EverydayLuxury does not have to be expensive. It does not even have to be something material. For me, #EverydayLuxury means having a dose of whatever makes you happy or smile — even if it just as simple as spritzing a good scent.


Soleil Et Lune is priced at Php 780 for 30ml and Php 1180 for 50ml. It is now available at: The Park in Shangrila Plaza Mall East Wing 4th Level, CO/OP Manila, Firma Greenbelt 3, Te Amo Active Fun Building BGC, Chimes Boutique Davao City, and online

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