This is my default look whenever I’m too lazy to think of what to wear but still needs to look decent. Dressy top, jeans, and heels — I’m good to go!


Although I love to stock up on basic tees and tank tops, I make sure to have a variety of dressy and flowy tops too. Obviously though, most of them are in neutral colors since they are the easiest to wear. If you are like me who does not mind repeating clothes, I say, stick to neutrals too. They are easy to mix and match and they are not very recognizable. People will most likely remember bright and colored pieces than black or white.


What do you prefer: dark or light jeans? I love both and as a tip, we need both. Using light or dark jeans really depend on what you pair it with and where you are going. Light-colored denim looks more casual. Therefore, if you know you need to look a little dressed up, go for darker jeans.



How about you? What is your default look?


Top: SM Woman
Jeans: Promod
Sandals: Matthews
Bag: Bottega Veneta

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