I have always been conscious of my cheeks. No matter how much I workout, the size of my face remains the same. Haha! Although I have stacks of contour powder that I can use to have Kim K’s chiseled cheeks, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up everyday with naturally contoured face? Well, I have recently discovered how to say goodbye to chubby cheeks without surgery or makeup. It is a non-invasive face contouring treatment at Facial Care Centre called UltraFace.


What is Facial Care Centre’s UltraFace?

UltraFace reshapes and recontours chubby cheeks without surgery. It is a breakthrough facial contouring treatment that uses the powerful combination of ultrasound (breaks down fat cells) and radio frequency (firms and lifts sagging skin) for more defined contours. It can slim down chubby cheeks, reduce double chin, and redefine the jawline.


Facial Care Centre UltraFace Procedure

The entire procedure is only 45 minutes. Before starting, the FCC aesthetician applied a cream to easily glide the handpiece that will be used.


Step 1: UltraFace mode

The first handpiece is the UltraFace which uses ultrasound wave to break down fat cells.



Step 2: UniFace mode

After the ultrasound, the aesthetician then switched to the second handpiece, the UniFace mode. This uses Radio Frequency to gradually heat the skin tissues on the treated area, which causes it to tighten and contract.


What to expect during and after the UltraFace treatment?

Both steps feel warm. It gradually gets warmer as the treatment goes on, but still bearable. Skin could look really red during the treatment, but disappears right after. There’s no downtime.


At my first try, look at the difference of the right side of my face.


The right side looks slimmer and lifted. I’m currently done with my second session of UltraFace and there is no dramatic change yet. It takes about ten sessions to achieve optimum results.

Just to give you an idea of the entire procedure, you can watch my short video below.


For inquiries about Facial Care Centre’s UltraFace, visit their website (www.facialcarecentre.com.ph) or call 892-SKIN (7546) to set up a consultation.

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