Summer is just getting hotter and hotter and clothes are getting shorter and shorter. Agree? Haha! Recently, I went around the mall and crop tops are just everywhere. Not that I’m complaining, but not everyone is comfortable wearing one. Today, I thought of sharing some tips on how to style that crop top without bearing too much.


There are various lengths of crop tops so choose one you’re comfortable wearing. Maybe you can consider where you want to wear it too. You can go higher if you plan to go to the beach or if you’re going for a night out.

If you think you want to go higher, but you’re not really ready to walk around bearing your belly button, don’t worry! You can always pair it with high-rise pants or skirt.



Another option is to throw in a cover up. Go for blazers, jackets, or long vests.


As for this outfit, I went for a “midi” crop top. Since my skirt is also high-waisted, I didn’t look too bare. The ruffles on both the top and skirt added a feminine touch to the look too. This just shows crop top doesn’t have to have that sexy and sultry vibe all the time. Hehe! Tip: Just look for something dainty, if that’s your kind of style. ūüėČ


How about you? Will you wear this look?


Top and skirt: Instagram @PinkLemonWear
Eyewear: Fly Shades

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