How’s everybody? It’s been raining for a week now here in Manila. To be honest, I’m loving the cool weather lately, but the floods and the traffic caused by the rain drive me (everyone) crazy! Can’t we just have a cooler weather minus the rain? Oh well, I guess we can’t have it all! Haha!

Anyway, sorry if I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I should. I’m currently doing some spring cleaning at home as I need more closet space. I’m planning to sell a lot of my clothes and shoes soon at @shop.AlyssaJackieAngela, an Instagram account I share with Alyssa Lapid and Jackie Go where you can shop our closets. You can start following it now as I’m updating the account soon with my stuff! Hehe!


Moving on to today’s outfit… Since it has been gloomy, I went for a no-brainer outfit—all black top and bottom. It is a go-to ensemble when you are not in the mood to think of your pairings but still want to look dressed up.


To give life to this outfit (and to this gloomy day), I threw in a cute baby pink denim jacket. Surprised? Definitely something new since I don’t think I’ve posted a piece of clothing in this pink shade. Haha! Well, there’s always a first.


I paired the look with another low block heeled sandals, this time in black. If you’ve seen my previous #OOTD posts, I’ve been wearing various block heels lately. They are now my first choice when I need to wear heels since they are very comfortable. The tita in me is sooo happy that the trend is back (and I hope it is here to stay!)


I’m using the entire new Clinique Fit line here. Yes, it’s not just a workout or post-workout makeup. I’ve been wearing it for casual no-makeup days. I’ll post a detailed review of this collection here on the blog soon so you’ll know if it’s for you. 😉


Anyway, if you’re in Manila, stay safe and dry! And yes, I’m wearing colored lenses to make it seem like it’s sunny outdoors. Who am I kidding?! LOL!


Jacket: H&M
Top: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Sandals: Matthews
Eyewear: Sunnies

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