The lipstick game just got stronger. How? If you are following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you have probably seen my recent visit in an Estee Lauder counter. And I tell you, the day has come when the word “swatching” might just vanish in the world of beauty. Unbelievable? Well, I guess almost everything is possible with technology.


Estee Lauder App


The new Estee Lauder app allows customers to find a lipstick in a click! There is no need to swatch so many shades of lipstick on your arm or on your lips since you can virtually try on any Estee Lauder lipstick.

How Does the Estee Lauder App work?

It uses the front camera of the tablet so imagine you’re taking a selfie.


Choose from Estee Lauder’s lipstick line: Pure Color Envy, Paint-On Liquid, Pure Color Love, Envy Matte, Sheer Matte, Metallic Matte, etc.


Then, just click on the shade you like to try. The color on your lips will change in an instant. Amazingly, it can detect the lips accurately– no matter how much I move or even if I’m facing on one side. Oh, and the colors are pretty the same in real life!


If you want to take a photo, just click on the camera icon below and you can send it to your e-mail.

More Estee Lauder App Features


Aside from finding a lipstick shade, the app has other features. It has makeup videos. You can also customize a makeup look that you want, which is helpful if you’ll avail of their makeup service. Lastly, you can find your perfect shade of foundation. They also have a separate device that can check your foundation shade.


The SA just puts the tip of the device on your skin and it can tell what shade perfectly matches your skin tone. Cool, huh?


Unfortunately, you cannot just download the app on your mobile phone (maybe soon!) For now, visit an Estee Lauder counter near you and experience the app yourself. It is really fun… I promise!

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