As we go through this pandemic, we have no choice but to embrace the new normal– at least until a vaccine is already available. Part of this new normal is the wearing of face mask whenever we step out of the house. And since it’s only our eyes that can be seen, why not highlight them? Time to practice eye makeup!

A lot of women are quite intimidated when doing their own eye makeup. To be honest, you shouldn’t be! As they say, practice makes perfect! Here are some of my tips before I start my eye makeup tutorial.

  • For starters, choose a versatile eye shadow palette. If you’re more comfortable with neutral colors, then go for it.
  • It’s also important to use eye shadows that can easily be blended.
  • Lastly, a nice blending brush will be your best friend. I swear by MAC 217 blending brush.

For the rest, watch this easy eye makeup video tutorial. I also included an eye shadow hack to make it even easier!

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