BLK Cosmetics has been doing really well since it was launched last year. I wrote a review of its All-Day Matte Powder Foudnation, as seen in THIS LINK. Today, let me share my thoughts on its brow pencil. Here is my BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil Review.


BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil Product Information

Ace your arches. Define, fill in, and groom brows in place with this pencil-and-brush duo. The triangle tip has a pointed end to create thin lines and a flat tip for thicker strokes, while the creamy pencil is infused with aloe vera to gently condition your strands. Apply lightly for a natural look or heavily for a full brow.

Active Ingredient: Aloe Vera


Pros: BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil

  • It is dual ended – pencil and brow spoolie.
  • It has angled tip, making it easier to define and fill in brows.


  • The pencil is retractable – no need to sharpen.
  • It is long-wearing.
  • It is affordable (PHP 249).

Cons: BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil

  • The Taupe shade may not suit all skin tones.
  • It has the tendency to clump hair strands if applied too much. See tip below to avoid this.
  • Pencil tip sometimes hardens. See tip below on what to do.

Tips on BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil

  • Brush brows using the spoolie before applying the pencil. This will help you fill in and shape brows easily.


  • Use a light hand when drawing hair-like strokes. Layering too much of the pencil can clump the hair strands.
  • If the tip is not too pigmented or if it is not too creamy, warm it up by drawing a few lines at the back of your hand.
  • Use the spoolie again to brush the brows. This will remove and blend harsh lines and make the brows look more natural.
  • If you find the shade Taupe too dark, apply a lighter shade of brow mascara/tint on top.

BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil Verdict


I love that BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil is very easy-to-use because of the angled tip. I also like that it comes with a spoolie. It is perfect for travel or if you need a brow product wherever, whenever. I do not need to bring a separate brow spoolie with me. I find the shade Taupe a little too dark to use alone though since I have dark brow hair strands already. I just make sure to apply a lighter shade of brow mascara on top.

I recommend BLK Cosmetics Brow Pencil to those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use brow pencil.

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