Surprise! Do you know that some of your daily activities can damage your skin? Today, I thought of sharing with you the things you might be doing that can actually harm or advance the aging of your skin.


Sun exposure. You all know this for sure but I just need to reiterate it here. This is why it is important to apply sunblock every single day – not just when you are doing outdoor activities. Even when in the car or staying indoors, you are still exposed to UV rays. Do you know that the light emitted by your computer or mobile phone can be harmful too? Therefore, apply sunblock!

Lack of sleep. Sleep is needed for your overall health, not just your skin. But do you know that lack of sleep can age your skin faster? It is during sleep when your body repairs and restores skin damage that happened throughout the day. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep means you are cutting short this restorative process and lessening the collagen production, which the skin needs to keep it young-looking. If you can avoid sleepless nights, do it. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep.

Using skincare in the wrong order. It is not enough that you use the right skincare. No matter how expensive or effective your products should be, it will not work if you are not using it in the correct order. As a general rule, use lightweight products first, such as serums and lotions, then apply heavier creams after. Doing it the other way around will prevent lightweight products from penetrating the skin. Also, make sure your skin is able to absorb each product before layering the next.


Pillowcase. Some of you have probably heard about this but cotton pillowcases can be harmful to your skin and hair. While you sleep, you may be unaware whenever your face rubs on your cotton pillowcase, which can be a little too rough for your skin. This can result to collagen breakdown. Therefore, it is advisable to use silk or satin pillowcases.


Facial tissue. Using rough towel or tissue paper can damage your skin. This is why it is advisable to use soft facial tissue when drying your face or when removing dirt, oil or makeup. The usual problem with facial tissues is that it breaks easily. I would usually use several sheets just to dry my face, which is not economical and not environment-friendly.


I was recently introduced to Sanicare Facial Tissue. It is a 3ply facial tissue, making it soft and durable. It is perfect for my daily face use: I use it to remove makeup whenever I apply a cream makeup remover, to dry my face after cleansing, and to remove oil and dirt by midday. I only need one sheet every time since it is durable.


A huge plus is that Sanicare is helping promote local artists through a partnership with Alessa Lanot. She designed special Lilies boxes with watercolored pattern of Liliums, Calla Lilies and Champaca, which will be out this November. I was able to get first dibs of these boxes and look at them…


They’re so pretty, right? I could even place the box in every corner of my home.



With its elegant and classic design, I don’t even have to use my tissue box cover anymore. It blends well with my furnitures and decors. It can even work as an accent on my night table.



Anyway, so who’s guilty of doing these daily activities? You may be unaware that they can damage your skin so better tweak your routine if you can.

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