Let me share something about health this time. This is alarming news and I’m not even sure if this is true or not. This may just be a propaganda of Gardasil’s competitors or some people just wanna throw allegations to Merck & Co. On the other hand, facts indicated below may also be true. You be the judge.

Most women out there probably have heard about the great news that cervical cancer can be prevented through a vaccine. I, for one, have been pushed by my mom to get this cervical cancer vaccine soon. Though a shot really costs a lot, I think there is nothing expensive when it comes to health concerns. Even if I’m not so comfortable with needles and even if a vaccine may have reported minor side effects, I’m willing to give it a shot, especially if the vaccine has something to do with fighting cancer. Probably, this is how most people think too.

When I watched the video below though, I was alarmed. I’m not sure if this is true, but reports say that 32 girls have died already due to Gardasil. Side effects of this cervical cancer vaccine are said to be pain and swelling, life-threatening muscle weakness, and blood clots in the heart and lungs. Now, isn’t that alarming? To know more about this surprising news, watch the video below of Jenny Thompson, Director of The Health Sciences Institute.

Disclaimer: This may or may not be real facts. If you have noticed, Jenny Thompson only talked about Gardasil. I’m not sure if other brands of cervical cancer vaccine, like Cervarix, also have similar cases. It is best to consult your doctors regarding this news. I just wanna share with everyone this shocking news that has been all over the internet. If anyone would want to shed more light on this, just leave a comment below. With such delicate news, all women are probably interested to know the truth about this.