It was around third quarter of last year when I started to become obsessed with makeup. Okay, maybe “obsess” is not the right term. I just can’t think of the word right now. Hehe! My interest began way back after college. I’m always amazed when I see a makeup artist’s craft. I can just sit all day watching them work. In fact, I can even watch makeup tutorials in youtube the entire day without getting bored. I love those kind ‘coz I’m always left at awe with their work. Two (or I think even three) years ago, I thought of studying and doing it professionally. It was just so hard to fit it in my schedule because of my previous job. The money needed if I decide to do it as a profession is another thing. Classes can range from PHP 3,000 all the way up to PHP 200,000, depending on the school and the specific course I’m going to take. That’s not all! Just imagine the investment of having all the known brands in different shades in your huge luggage-like makeup kit. It can actually cost hundreds of thousands too! With the money I have to spend, I just keep on holding back my plan. 🙁 It really is scary to invest such amount when you know you can only get your moolah back when you’re already known, when people has gained trust on your skills and when you have a lot of connections in the industry. To help me decide if it’s really something I want to pursue, I attended a basic makeup workshop last weekend, which I’m going to post in the days to come. Right now, I’m going to share a cosmetic product I used to take for granted for my everyday makeup. 🙂 Who knows, you might have neglected this too for your everyday look! 😉


I have thick brows and regular grooming is a must. This is why I’m very thankful that Browhaus keeps my eyebrows shaped and well-groomed all the time. 🙂 With thick hair strands, the last thing on my mind is to use eyebrow pencil/ powder that can make brows look thicker if used the wrong way. Although I noticed how makeup artists never skip this step whenever they do my makeup, I never liked “drawing” anything on my brows just for my everyday look. But during my basic makeup class last weekend, I realized how powdered eyebrow shadow can actually make a difference! No matter how thick the brows are, it’s undeniable that there are still small spaces in between the hair strands. To fully cover them and to make the framing of the brows more defined, we have to use powdered eyebrow shadow. Some people use eyebrow pencil, but more often than not, they look unnatural. I love how my brows looked more defined after applying the powdered eyebrow shadow during my makeup session. Having a well-defined eyebrows, perfectly frames my face. 🙂 And because I thought of not skiping this step anymore for my everyday makeup, I ended up getting a powdered eyebrow shadow for myself. 🙂 Hehe!


I got it from The Body Shop for PHP 995, but they are having a sale right now! You can get your second item 50% off, a reason for me to buy another item! Darn! Anyway, Body Shop’s Brow and Liner Kit is available in two shades – one is more on the brown side (the one I got) and the other is more on the darker shades (black and gray). Since I bleach my eyebrows to match my hair color, I chose the brown shades. The compact comes in 2 shades, which you can also blend together to perfectly match the color of the hair strands of your eyebrow. You can also use them as a liner, thus the name Brow and Liner Kit. 🙂 The compact also comes with a hard, slanted brow brush with a liner brush on the other end.


So how to apply a powdered eyebrow shadow?

1. Use a hard, slanted brow brush to apply the powdered eyebrow shadow on your brows. Outline the upper and lower part of your brows from the arch down to the end of your brows. The outline makes sure you’ll have the perfect framing of your eyebrows and to avoid crooked brows.

2. After outlining almost a quarter of your brows, color the inside to fill in spaces.

3. Then, color the inside of the rest of your eyebrows to fill in all the gaps.


If you haven’t used a powdered eyebrow shadow, you might wanna try it for your everyday makeup. It’s often a neglected step, but I tell you, it makes the eyebrows more defined. Having defined brows can make a big difference in the framing of the face, thus your entire look. If you’re worried that your brows might look thicker, go for the brown or lighter shades instead of black. But of course, don’t forget that your hair strands must match the color of the powdered eyebrow shadow. And what do I use to tame down the color of my dark brows? That’s up next, so stay tuned! 😀