I have always believed that every girl’s shoe closet must have the basic colors of pumps- and that includes Nude Pumps! God knows how long I’ve been looking for a nice comfy pair. I know there are a lot out there (of course, Christian Louboutin has it), but I’m not really ready to splurge on shoes as of the moment. Thankfully, after years of wait, I finally found a great bargain from Forever 21! 😀 I’ve been refraining to go inside that store ‘coz it’s always impossible to leave empty-handed! But last Friday, I saw this pair…


The color description actually says “Tan”, but for me, it’s not that dark that it could pass as nude.


Finally, I’ve got a peep toe nude pumps with 5-inch heel and 1-inch platform height! 😀 Of course, I won’t deny, Louboutin is way, way more comfortable (obviously)! But with a price tag of PHP 1,445 (or $ 22.80 online) for a pair of shoes, I definitely won’t go wrong.  It’s dressy. It’s sexy. It’s surely a winner! 😀

Can you remember my Zara caged heels? If you can’t, check out the photos in this link. Guess what?! F21 has this exact style! When I saw it on their shoe rack, I found it very familiar until I realized it’s my shoes from Zara, which I haven’t worn in ages! So if you like it, you can grab the heels at F21 for half the price of mine! 😀 I also saw it online and it’s just $29.80!